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LTS Announces H.264 Zip+ Technology for Video Compression Standard

Maximum Clarity, Minimum Storage

As video surveillance systems expand in high definition and cameras, installers are challenged to keep recording storage at a minimum, but at maximum clarity. As these variables can cause the demand for bigger hard drives, or cloud storage solutions, H.264 Zip+ reduces bandwidth and increases storage on average 50%.

H.264 Zip+ Technology Advantages

  • Lower bandwidth than H.264
  • Increase recording time
  • Save HDD storage space
  • Free upgrade with latest firmware
  • Compatible with H.264

Smart for 24/7 Market Applications

Various cases have proven the need for H.264 Zip+ and can be a huge advantage in help cut costs, and benefit your customers. When H.264 Zip+ records footages, only areas with interesting details and motion are recorded in full image quality, and other area resolutions are filtered out to lower bandwidth and storage.

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Increase Storage Space with H.264 Zip+

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