IP Solutions

There’s nothing like network solutions designed just for you. They’re flexible and scalable, and can easily integrate with your network, routers, computers, and mobile devices.

Advanced Features

Added technology features helps enhance your IP solution with smarter analytics, powerful bandwidth, and ONVIF profile S and profile G compliant. Choose anywhere from 1.3MP resolution to 6.1MP IP cameras. Integrate with some of the industry’s largest VMS platforms or use our own NVMS7000. You can find the right solution for your needs simply by asking. Talk to an expert IP consultant today.

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Standalone Network Video Recorders

Avoid Windows risks of viruses and don’t pay for licensing fees with LTS standalone NVRs. Experience intuitive and easy to use, out of box experience with Plug and Play built-in PoE switches. It’s everything you’ll need confidently out of box providing an affordable, and reliable IP solution. To learn more about LTS Platinum Network Video Recorders, speak with an expert IP consultant today.

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End to End Support

All of our IP solutions are designed to help you easily migrate to network based systems from traditional analog systems. Increase your storage with NAS, RAID, or other external storage options. With our knowledgeable sales and technicians, you can rely on LTS to help you throughout the setup. Is this the right option for you? Talk to an expert IP consultant today.

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