How to Setup the VCA function on your Platinum HD-TVI DVR

LT Security posted this on Jul 20, 2015

How to Setup the VCA Function on your Platinum HD-TVI DVR

Line Detection

  1. Go to your DVR and go to the Main Menu at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Then select CAMERA.  Under CAMERA there is an option for VCA. Let’s click on that.

  1. Select the Camera you want for VCA.
  2. Select the Type and select Line Crossing.
  3. You will need to check the box to enable the VCA function.

  1. Make sure you select Line 1 to create the first line.
  2. In certain situations, you may want to add additional lines, and this will allow you to make up to 4 different lines.
  3. Choose the direction you want the line crossing to register. 
  4. Either A to B side.  B to A side, or both direction of A and B.  A will either be on the left side or on the top.  B will either be on the right side or on the bottom.
  5. There is an icon on the bottom left that looks like a Line.  Click on it and you can create your lines in blue.
  6. To draw a line, make sure you click at two separate points, and the line will automatically connect the 2 points. Try to avoid click and dragging.

  1. If you want to redo the line or clear the screen of the line, simply click the right icon, and it will reset your line.
  2. There are triggers you can setup if you select the Settings icon here.

  1. You are able to set triggers for which channel and what time of day the trigger will go off.
  2. Under Linkage action, there are 5 options available to you.  There is Full Screen monitoring, Audible Warning, Notify a Surveillance Center, Send Email, and Trigger Alarm Output.
  3. You have successfully setup a Line Crossing.


Intrusion Detection

  1. Go back to the Main Menu at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Select CAMERA, click on VCA again, and then Intrusion Detection.
  3. Select the Camera you want and check the enabled box if not already.

  1. You are able to create up to 4 Intrusion regions in blue.  For now, select Region 1
  2. There are 3 icons below.  Select the left icon in order to make your region for intrusion detection.
  3. Similar to line crossing, but this time select 4 corners or make 4 clicks to create your box or quadrant you want your intrusion detection to trigger when someone enters.

  1. If you made a mistake and want to start over, simply click the right icon to clear the screen.
  2. Once you are done, click on Apply.
  3. You have now successfully setup Intrusion Detection.


For Video Retrieval and Playback     


  1. Download Video from the HD-TVI DVR.  Find the Date you want to see first.
  2. Click Download video icon.
  3. Click Search, then select the time you want.   Click Download.
  4. Locate and Find out the Download file.
  5. Download and Open VSPlayer.
  6. Drag and Drop the Video file into the VSPlayer.


**Please check to see if your device is compatible with VCA and has the latest firmware update installed. Depending on your model, you can create 1-4 lines and 1-4 regions. LTS Platinum HD-TVI DVRs can only support 1-channel VCA. Threshold Range for time of an object loitering in the region [0-10s]. Sensitivity Range for size of the object, which can trigger the alarm [0-100]. The higher the sensitivity, the smaller the objects can be when triggering the alarm. Percentage Range for the ratio of the in-region [0-100].

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