Setting Up PT Cloud

LT Security posted this on Jul 14, 2016

PT Cloud is designed for DVR/NVR without programming Router Port forwarding section. You can turn on PT Cloud function from the DVR/NVR network section.

To enable PT Cloud from DVR/NVR

Main Menu -> Configure -> Network ^ PT Cloud

If you cannot find this function, then your DVR currently is not able to support PT Cloud 


Run NVMS7000 Mobile App, Create PT Cloud Account

Create PT account with an email address 


Login PT Cloud Account 

Enter email address and password, click "Login" 

If you forget the password, click "Forgot Password." That will trigger the password reset thru the email. 


After Login, Add your QR Code 


Your PT Cloud QR Code is binding with this register email address.

Once it’s bound, there is no way to assign same QR code to another email address or account. 


Find the DVR/NVR: 


Local DVR/NVR Interface: 




Next time running NVS7000, use PT Cloud Login


PT Cloud is setup is completed 


1.    PT Cloud status shows Offline

A:   Check Network cable, make sure you’re connected to the internet or check your HTTP port, must be port 80.


2. I can connect to PT cloud, but I don’t have a video image.

A: Make sure stream encryption is not enabled. If you enable it, you need to enter the correct password to connect.


3. How to add my QR code to another email address?

A: Unless you released the QR code from previous email, otherwise this QR code cannot be added to another email address.   


4. Can I reset my password?

A: Use either forgot password or change it from the account setup. 




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