Vertical Market Applications, Read About Successful LTS Installations

Whether your project includes a few security cameras to thousands of security cameras, LTS offers easy to install IP and HD-TVI surveillance solutions. Our dealers and integrators share their stories and experiences with seamless integration to existing systems, and find easy scalability with new solutions. The key to satisfaction is offering the best customer service and future proof designs for every market.

Large Infrastructure

Detect, locate, and identify traffic for large perimeters like convention centers, stadiums, parks, and other large venues.

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High traffic logistic ports need optimal security to minimize service interruptions with HD live view and playback.

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Creating safer cities across the nation, LTS helps enhance city protection by minimizing theft, vandalism, and more.

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Secure any workplace with scalable security solutions for buildings, halls, corridors, entrances, exits, and more.

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The biggest crime in retail business is facing shoplifters and false liability claims. Effectively protect your retail business.

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Health Care

Hospitals and clinics require special efforts to keep patients and staff safe. Protect valuable technology and data with LTS.

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Keeping education and learning a priority, LTS helps reduce vandallism, violence, and burglary across facilities.

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Keeping travelers safe with scalable HD solutions. Meet optimal security standards at entrances, exits, and check points.

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Keeping your home and family safe is just as important when it comes to security. Proactively keep your secuirty at your fingertips with compatible home automation.

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