February 23, 2017

Enhance Your Installation with Wireless Solutions

Miami, Florida – Security professionals are attracted to the freedom wireless solutions offer. The idea of overcoming any infrastructure challenge and breaking cable limitations had more than 30 security professionals participating in a 2.5-hour workshop called “Enhance Your Installation with Wireless Solutions.” 

Participants experienced first-hand how LTS wireless solutions improves scalable projects with a walk through on setting up Wi-Fi Network Cameras.

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These wireless cameras are low-profile for discreet surveillance, but have several big key advantages. 

The Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Dome Camera 2.1MP, CMIP7422N-28WIFI, offers 2.1MP high definition images with a 2.8mm fixed lens. It’s armed with 12 IR LEDs up to 70ft to capture forensic details in dark areas. It’s robust housing is rated both IK10 vandal proof impact protection and IP67 weatherproof in which it can be submerged in a meter of water.  It also offers easy installation with 3-Axis Lens Adjustment for user-friendly positioning.

This camera’s counterpart, the Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Dome Camera 4.1MP, CMIP7442W-28WIFI offers clear images in 4.1MP high definition with a 2.8mm fixed lens. It also offers True WDR 120dB and 30 IR LEDs, illuminating objects in dark areas up to 100ft. With an IP67 weatherproof and IK10 vandal proof rating, it can withstand harsh outside conditions. It too offers 3-Axis Lens Adjustment for easy installation.

The Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Dome IP Camera 4.1MP, CMIP3142W-28SWIFI, offers detailed images like the other two wireless dome cameras. However, surveillance images are enriched with audio I/O, alarm I/O to make stronger forensics and functionality. CMIP3142W-28SWIFI also offers 4.1MP high definition images, 2.8mm fixed lens, 10 IR LEDs up to 33ft. It too is rated IK10 and IP67.

The Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Bullet IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP8222-WIFI, captures images with a 4mm fixed lens in 2.1MP high definition. It’s 24 IR LEDs capture clear details up to 100ft. in darks situations.  It’s rated IP67.

The Platinum HD Cube Network IP Camera 3.2MP – Wi-Fi, CMIP8932-W, records and supplies audio with a built-in microphone and speaker. Images are captured in 3.2MP high definition and 4mm fixed lens. It also offers Alarm I/O, and IR LED up to 33ft.

Participants also learned LTS security consultants have plenty of experience with crafting wireless solutions using Ubiquiti Network products. They looked at each NanoStation and NanoBeam closely, and learned how LTS security consultants can help them overcome barriers with wireless solutions using Ubiquiti.

LTS has established itself as a wireless solution provider, its success has been documented in recent case studies.

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Security professionals also discovered how an Unmanaged PoE Switches can help them with larger projects. Unmanaged PoE Switches, known as Extended PoE Switches, are available in 4, 8, 16, and 24 ports. They can transmit power and video information up to 820ft with “Extend Mode” on, much farther than a traditional PoE Switch. It also supports PoE Full Power (15.4W) or PoE Plus (30W) and 8 pin power for more stability, compared to 4 pin powered in most typical PoE Switches. The switches offer up to 2.75 Mbits RAM Data Buffer, and embody priority ports for power loss in which it systematically shuts down until all video information is transmitted.  

See PoE Switches LTS currently offers

The Miami branch of LTS is located at 8400 NW 25th St., Suite 110 Miami, FL. 33122. 

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January 22, 2017

Cabling and Installation Professionals Discover LTS at 2017 BICSI 

Tampa, Florida - LTS security consultants are showcasing how video surveillance can seamlessly integrate with cabling solutions at 2017 BICSI Winter Conference and Exhibition. The four-day (Jan. 22-26) trade show brings thousands of professionals from around the country to network, learn new insights, and on cabling solutions. LTS is a proud sponsor of this year’s trade show. 

At booth #418, LTS showcased several 5MP Network IP cameras, a PTZ and Fisheye camera. 

The Platinum Fixed Lens Turret Network IP Camera, CMIP3052, is 5MP and offers a 4mm fixed lens for both indoor and outdoor settings to meet the industry’s growing demands across vertical markets. CMIP3052 captures superior high definition image quality (2560x1920@20fps). Objects in the dark within 100ft are illuminated by Matrix IR LEDs for better detail exposure at an affordable price. CMIP3052 also offers comprehensive range of advanced features with video analytics for large scalability.   

For full situational awareness with one camera, the Platinum 6.3MP Fisheye Network IP Camera, CMIP7562F-E, is the first outdoor fisheye camera at LTS. The 6.3MP camera captures detailed images in high definition through a 1.27mm fixed lens at 3072x2048@25fps. It offers real time streaming, virtual PTZ, a 360° Fisheye view and multiple viewing modes including Split 180°, and ePTZ. Surveillance is enhanced, as CMIP7562F-E offers audio I/O capabilities.

The Platinum Mini Dome Network IP Camera 5MP, CMIP7452B-M, is suitable for discreet surveillance. Encased in black robust housing, CMIP7452B-M is rated IK10 vandal proof and IP66 weatherproof for outside conditions. Images are recorded (2560x1920@20fps) through a 4mm fixed lens and 30 IR LEDs illuminate objects up to 100ft with DWDR. Images captured by CMIP7452B-M are clearer and more detailed.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications such as governmental infrastructures, offices, education facilities and retail stores for POS monitoring, the Platinum Matrix IR Bullet Network IP Camera 5MP, CMIP9152, brings superior HD image quality (2560x1920@20fps) at an affordable price. The bullet camera is armed with Matrix IR up to 165ft. It supports H.264 Zip+ technology, reduces bandwidth and increase storage space on average of 50% when used with a compatible NVR. CMIP9152 offers an easy installation with the benefit of its own universal junction box included. 

The Platinum IP PTZ High Speed Dome Camera, PTZIP762X20IR, offers Smart Tracking for complete situational awareness. This 2.1MP PTZ records images at 1920x1080P@30fps and 4.7mm-94mm lens, 20x optical zoom. When it’s dark, ten IR LEDs enhance image details up to 495ft away.  PTZIP762X20IR, offers a clean installation and saves cost by eliminating the need for a multiple camera installation.

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December 21, 2016

Affordable IP License Plate Recognition solutions

Lanham, Maryland – There’s a new IP License Plate Recognition camera that ensures vehicles and the public are secured by recognizing who is coming and going. It has many security professionals excited because the recognition camera comes at an affordable price.

The all-new Platinum VF Motorized Lens LPR, CMIP7923LPR, was featured during a recent seminar at the Maryland branch where system installers and integrators saw the camera up close and learned proper installation for maximum results. 

Plate numbers and other details on vehicles are clearer, as White Flux LEDs minimize harsh reflective light for the camera. CMIP7923LPR also displays license plate details in color for effective viewing of passing vehicles.

CMIP7923LPR, offers a 2.8mm-12mm varifocal motorized lens and captures license plates details in applications such as parking lots and structures, enclosed apartments and condo complexes, toll booths and other vehicle entrance/exit areas such as the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant.

The IP LPR camera embodies a 2.1MP high definition lens, True WDR 120Db, Intelligent H.264 Zip+, Audio I/O, Alarm I/O, and rated IP66.

LTS technology engineers suggests the camera must be 3-4ft off the ground, and rest no more than a 30° angle to capture the best forensic details. The camera must also be within 45ft of a moving vehicle traveling at a speed of 25 miles per hour.  

For larger applications, this camera is available in 8mm-20mm lens, CMIP7923LPR-20. It also must be installed within 50ft from a vehicle traveling 25 mph.   

LTS also offers a HD-TVI License Plate Recognition Bullet Camera, 1.3, LPR100. The same installation suggestions must be applied for LPR100. The specialty bullet camera offers 6-22mm varifocal motorized lens with 6 powerful White flux LEDs, illuminating details on objects up to 131ft.

Watch Platinum Network IP License Plate Recognition Camera, 2.1MP on the LTS YouTube Channel

The Long Range Bullet Camera 2.1MP, CMIP9223W-SZ, is another bullet camera that caught a lot of interest from security professionals attending the seminar. The camera offers discreet surveillance since it’s installed at an extreme distance. It can capture forensic evidence up to 394ft or 20x optical zoom. With 2.1MP high definition lens, and 4.7-94mm varifocal motorized lens, it secures parking areas, large infrastructures, entrance/exit points, airports, stadiums, and train stations.

Infrastructures such as those can have their installation challenges, and only LTS wireless solutions can help security professionals overcome them. LTS offers wireless network bridges and built-in Wi-Fi cameras for projects applications that are too large, are outdoor, or where deploying cable isn’t an option.

LTS offers three low-profile mini outdoor Wi-Fi cameras which were introduced at the seminar.

The Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Dome IP Camera 4.1MP, CMIP3142W-28SWIFI, not only is popular because it’s wireless, but it captures forensic audio. With that, images are recorded using a 2.8mm fixed lens, up to 2688x1520 resolution, and features alarm I/O. It’s rated IP67 vandal proof and can be installed outdoors.

The Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi dome Camera 2.1MP, CMIP7422N-28WIFI allows simple positioning capabilities with 3-axis adjustment. The camera is 2.1MP and images are enhanced with IR LEDs up to 33ft. This camera is suitable for outdoors, as it’s rated IP67 and vandal proof.

The third wireless camera is the Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Bullet IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP8222-WIFI. The camera utilizes a 4mm fixed lens and offers up to 1920x1080 resolution. Details from objects within 100ft are illuminated by 24 IR LEDs. It offers installation flexibility, and is rated IP67.

For optimal signal, LTS engineers suggest installing the cameras near a router. In many situations, the router location is already determined by a cable established near a TV that has cable or satellite service.

LTS recommends buying a stronger router that is AC1900 to establish reliable connectivity with the Wi-Fi cameras, no matter where the cameras are installed in the infrastructure.

For projects that involve large distances, LTS offers wireless solutions using network bridges for optimal surveillance. In the seminar, security professionals learned these are highly reliable and cost effective since no cabling is involved. It also makes for a clean installation.

Participants were given a detailed walk-thru on establishing connectivity of the main access point to the PoE switch, router and the NVR. They also learned how to install and set up the transmitter and connect it to a PoE switch and IP cameras for optimal surveillance.

LTS has documented its success with wireless solutions in case studies, including one involving a large RV storage lot. The lot was too wide of an area for cabling, so with the help of an LTS security consultant, the installer thought it was best to upgrade to IP and go wireless access to secure the entire area.

You can read more here:

Case Study: Wireless Solution for RV Storage Lot

LTS is always there to support its customers whether the installation project is large or small, IP or HD-TVI, wireless or cabled. More security professionals choose LTS because customer support is a top priority.

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The Maryland branch of LTS is located at 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite I Lanham, MD 20706

December 16, 2016

IP License Plate Recognition Cameras Training

Mount Laurel, New Jersey –  There’s no doubt security professionals are excited about the release of the new Platinum VF Motorized Lens LPR Network IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP7923LPR. More than 120 system installers and integrators took advantage of a free webinar, training them how to effectively install and utilize the IP LPR camera.  

CMIP7923LPR utilizes a 2.8mm-12mm varifocal motorized lens to capture license plates numbers. It also offers True WDR 120db to enhance images and supports H.264 Zip+.

Plate details are very important for recognition, and nighttime poses challenges to capture them. Traditional IR captures strong reflective light that washes out the license plate. But, with the IP LPR’s White Flux LEDs, harsh reflective light from license plates is minimized, improving clarity. Some installers noticed the vast improvement with White Flux LEDs. The camera also displays details in color whether it’s day or night. 

CMIP7923LPR is best suited for parking lots and structures, toll booths, apartments and condo complexes, and fast food restaurants with a drive-thru.  

For optimal performance, the specialty camera must be installed off the ground between 3-4ft. Installers must also note, the camera must be no more than 30 degrees of an angle and must be within 45ft of passing vehicles to effectively recognize license plates clearly.  Vehicles must also be traveling at a speed of 25 miles per hour. CMIP7923LPR (2.8-12mm) must be installed within 25ft. from moving vehicles, CMIP7923LPR-20 (8-20mm) must be installed 50ft. away.  

LTS offers a similar HD-TVI camera like the IP LPR, and installation works very much the same way. The Platinum HD-TVI License Plate Recognition Bullet Camera, 1.3MP, LPR100 offers 6-22mm varifocal motorized lens with 6 powerful White Flux LEDs, illuminating up to 131ft.

 Watch Platinum Network IP License Plate Recognition Camera, 2.1MP on the LTS YouTube Channel

Security professionals also were able to see the specifications of the Long Range Bullet Camera 2.1MP, CMIP9223W-SZ. Built solely for capturing surveillance at an extreme distance, this unique and powerful camera captures forensic evidence up to 394ft. or 20x optical zoom without being noticed from a long-range installation. It offers 2.1MP high definition and 4.7-94mm varifocal motorized lens, and best suited for parking lots, far entrance/exit points, large infrastructures, stadiums, airports, and train stations.

This was also a time to introduce three new mini outdoor Wi-Fi cameras. The Wi-Fi cameras are cost effective and can help defeat infrastructure challenges because no cabling is involved.  

The Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Dome IP Camera 4.1MP, CMIP3142W-28SWIFI offers a 2.8mm fixed lens, up to 2688x1520 resolution, and is armed with alarm I/O. It also brings another dimension of forensic evidence with audio I/O. CMIP3142W-28SWIFI can be installed outside as its rated IP67 and vandal proof.

A second wireless dome camera, the Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Dome Camera 2.1MP, CMIP7422N-28WIFI has unique features such as 3-axis adjustment for simple positioning on any installation project. It’s offers 2.1MP, with IR LEDs approx. 33ft to enhanced images. It’s rated IP67, vandal proof for outdoor installation.

The Platinum Network Mini Wi-Fi Bullet IP Camera, 2.1MP, CMIP8222-WIFI shoots enriched images utilizing a 4mm fixed lens and up to 1920x1080 resolution. Its 24 IR LEDs illuminate objects up to 100ft. It makes installation flexible, it’s rated IP67.

LTS engineers recommend installing the cameras near a router for optimal signal or connectivity. Most of the time routers must be utilized in an area that is already pre-wired for use, such as near the TV in the living room, especially with phone or cable service.

For example, if the cable for the router is next to the TV in the living room, optimal signal will be delivered to the wireless cameras in the kitchen and surrounding areas. But, the signal may not be optimal in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom since the signal may not penetrate through the walls, and the router is in front in the living room. It’s best to always keep the camera or cameras closer to the router. The same could be said when installing a wireless solution for a second story.  

LTS recommends buying a router that is AC1900, which offers a powerful signal to penetrate walls in the home for wireless connectivity to cameras.

LTS has established itself as a wireless solution provider, its success has been documented in recent case studies.

Wireless Solution Secures Horse Stable for Surveillance

Wireless Solution for RV Storage Lot

LTS prides itself in customer service, if you are interested in wireless solutions contact a security consultant at your local branch.

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The New Jersey branch of LTS is located at 109 West Park Drive, Suite C Mount laurel, NJ 08054


December 7, 2016

Deploy New Solutions with Advanced IP

Miami, Florida – Flexible scalability and remote configuration are two key advantages of LTS IP solutions, a security consultant told a group of system installers and integrators during a two-hour workshop.

The workshop, Deploy New Solutions with Advanced IP, demonstrated how easy network setup is with plug and play NVRs. A security professional would need to simply connect the power cable, HDMI cable, Cat 5 cable, and mouse. After, power up the NVR and it’s automatically ready to configure IP cameras.
In addition to the ease of plug and play NVRs, the on-screen display of LTS IP cameras helps reduce set up time significantly security professionals.  

The free workshop also detailed establishing the basic concepts of two-way audio. Two-way audio operates much like walkie talkies. One side, the camera with the built-in or external microphone will transmit the voice to the other side, a computer or mobile device with NVMS7000 downloaded. This type of established connection would also allow sound to be transmitted from the client device using the microphone.

As part of the training, there was a walk-thru on setting up video content analytics such as intrusion detection and line crossing on Platinum HD-TVI DVRs. Line Crossing is a supported technology in LTS cameras, which detects people walking or moving objects in your store that cross a virtual line. Crossing that line can trigger an alarm. Line Crossing is best used at the entrance and exit of a retail store, even suited for loading docks, and parking lots.

To set up Line Detection:
1) Go to the main menu
2) Select Camera, and under that option select VCA
3) Select the camera you want for the VCA
4) Then select the type of VCA, such as Line Crossing
5) Check enable box under the Line Crossing

To read more on establishing a line and Intrusion Detection click the link:

Some of the security professionals attending have been to an LTS workshop before because they appreciate the professional support they receive from their security consultants.

The Miami Branch is located at 8400 NW 25th, Suite 110 Miami, FL 33122


November 30, 2016 

Major Key Advantages with LTS Wireless Solutions 
Carrollton, Texas – Several security professionals expanded their knowledge base during a workshop on configuring wireless solutions. They learned these major key advantages: wireless solutions can overcome any infrastructure challenge, and offers a clean installation since no cabling is involved. Wireless solutions are also highly reliable and cost effective. The workshop detailed how to establish the physical connectivity of the main access point to the PoE switch, router and the NVR. On the other end at the coverage site, they established the transmitter which is connected to a PoE switch and the IP cameras for full surveillance.

LTS has had a great success involving wireless solutions in various markets. Those successes are documented in LTS’ case studies.
In one case study, a wireless solution was used to help secure an RV storage lot because the lot was too wide of an area for cabling. The total coverage distance is 2,000ft, but a typical coax cable for HD-TVI is 1,500ft., short by 500ft. With the help of an LTS security consultant, the installer thought it was best to upgrade to IP and wireless access to secure the entire area.

You can read more here:

LTS also has a wireless solution for small spaces such as a Chicago elevator. Cabling the elevator would have proven to be very difficult considering running cables for power, cameras, and the NVR. A wireless solution was needed to ensure the elevator was always secured.

You can read more here:
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The Dallas branch of LTS is located at 1100 Valwood Pkwy., Suite 112 Carrollton, TX 75006

November 16, 2016

LTS Attends the Largest Northeast Physical Security Trade Show

New York City, New York – If there was a better time and place to display new surveillance products and announce partnerships, ISC East at the Javits Center in New York City is the place to do it.

LTS started the two-day trade show with the announcement of a partnership with Resolution, a Wisconsin based company. Resolution products offer Helix, a platform that provides security and automation which   integrates and is compatible with LTS NVRs: LTN87XX and LTN89XX Series. There are many benefits as the native Ethernet port allows Helix to integrate with other security ecosystems. It’s capable of maintaining multiple IP connections; both local and remote. A Helix event trigger control is integrated directly into the LTS NVR software platform. Up to 96 wireless devices can be easily added to the Helix sensor hub. It can provide NVR triggers only, or Helix interactive and CS reporting services can be enabled through SecureNet Technologies.

LTS also debuted the Platinum Long Range Bullet Network IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP9223W-SZ. The camera offers discreet surveillance since installation can be a distance away from its actual coverage area. The powerful 4.7-94mm varifocal motorized lens captures forensic evidence up to 394ft or a 20x optical zoom. Images are captured with the finest details without being noticed since it’s installed at a distance. It’s best applied to parking lots, far entrance/exit points, large infrastructures, stadiums, airports, and train stations.

The Platinum VF Motorized Lens LPR Network IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP7923LPR, is also getting high marks for its License Plate Recognition capabilities. The recently released camera offers color display and a powerful white flux LED to capture clear detailed images of license plates up to 100ft away, day or night. It embodies 2.1MP Full HD Resolution with 2.8-12mm varifocal motorized lens and reduces reflections, image noise, and overexposure seen with Traditional IR LED lights.  

For the security professional who caters to retailers, LTS proudly showcased the Platinum Fisheye Network IP Camera 12.3MP, CMIP75122F-SE. With multiple viewing modes, such as 360-degree fisheye view, split 180-degree viewing and Eptz viewing, this camera gives full surveillance coverage for a stronger solution in stores and other commercial businesses. Heat mapping technology allows retailers to identify store hot spots, dead areas, and bottle neck areas in the store. This information can help store managers with decisions about products and marketing.

NVMS7000,  a video management system, allows security professionals to help manage their customers with more than a thousand cameras. End-users can locally view up to 64 channels, and gain instant Live View and Playback up to 16 channels on mobile devices using the NVMS7000 mobile app on ITunes for Apple and Google Play for Android.

LTS is also helping security professionals at ISC East with simplifying their business with the new app. With the LTS app, security professionals can view the LTS catalog on their mobile devices, order products instantly, view the latest in products updates, get around the clock support with the LTS YouTube Channel: ( They can also get end to end support with a trusted security consultant or technical support, that’s part of the LTS difference.

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November 16, 2016

Establishing Remote Access with Port Forwarding and DDNS

Carrollton, Texas – Connecting at any time to see any camera through a mobile device is a benefit of NVMS7000. Several security professionals were given a free hands-on workshop of establishing remote access in Carrollton, Texas. 

To help get remote access, they discovered PT Cloud can be utilized for DVRs/NVRs without a programming router Port Forwarding section. A walkthrough of PT Cloud proved just how easy it is to obtain connection to remote access. All they needed to do was download the free NVMS7000 mobile app and register to create a PT Cloud account and fill out the fields of information such as verification codes and email.  

They would then add the QR Code once they’re logged in, add the verification code with the DVR/NVR interface. They created a domain name utilizing a DDNS account to help access the server remotely. Since understanding how the technology works, these security professionals can simplify their lives as it saves time.   

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The Dallas branch is located at 1100 Valwood Pkwy., Suite 112 Carrollton, TX 75006


November 15, 2016

LTS brings new insights to the Secured Cities Trade Show

Houston, Texas -  LTS security consultants are meeting system installers and integrators this week at Secured Cities in Houston, Texas. The three-day trade show allows greater opportunities for security professionals to expand their knowledge base within government security, public and hospital safety surveillance markets. 

Security professionals experienced the newly released Platinum Long-Range Bullet Network IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP9223W-SZ, at booth #405. The camera captures forensic evidence up to 394ft or 20x optical zoom. It offers 2.1MP high definition, and 4.7-94mm varifocal motorized lens. System installers and integrators have noticed greater flexibility for infrastructure challenges with CMIP9223W-SZ. The long-range camera is best applied to parking lots, far entrance/exit points, large infrastructure, stadiums, airports and train stations.  

The Platinum VF Motorized Lens LPR Network IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP7923LPR, can be used for government or educational parking lots, parking structures, toll booths, long driveways with entrance and exit points. CMIP7923LPR can capture distinct details on license plates up to 100ft away. This LPR camera can reduce reflections, image noise, and overexposure compared to Traditional IR LED lights. It offers 2.1MP Full HD Resolution with 2.8-12mm varifocal motorized lens, perfect for seeing license plate details near or far in day or night. 

The Platinum Fisheye Network IP Camera 12.3MP, CMIP75122F-SE, can offer hospitals and other health care facilities stronger surveillance solutions. Key features are a benefit with multiple viewing modes such as 360-degree fisheye view, split 180-degree viewing and ePTZ viewing. It’s used for full coverage surveillance with dewarping which corrects the curves from the fisheye view. This fisheye camera also features heat mapping technology, which identifies walking traffic hot spots, dead areas, and bottle neck areas in a building or facility. 

LTS offers free NVMS7000 software to manage more than 1,000 cameras such as the Long Range, Fisheye and IP LPR. It offers up to 64 channels local viewing, and instant Live View and Playback access up to 16 channels on smartphone or tablets. The free software is available on I-Tunes for Apple and Google Play for Android. 

The LTS App is improving the business of being a security professional. They can get the LTS catalog right in the palm of their hand by downloading it free to their smart phone (Apple or Android). The LTS App allows for faster ordering and processing. Security professionals can also see the latest news on LTS products or get installation help through the LTS YouTube Channel (  Security professionals can instantly be connected to an LTS support tech through the app for end to end support. Many security professionals at Secured Cities will discover the LTS difference.  

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November 9, 2016

LTS Attends MABFM ’16 to Showcase Cutting-Edge Cameras for Security Integration  

Somerset, New Jersey – Tri-State security professionals learned how to integrate LTS solutions with their security projects at the 11th Annual Mid-Atlantic Buildings and Facilities Management (MABFM) trade show. It's the first time LTS security consultants attended the two-day event, held at the Garden State Exhibit Center with more than 200 other exhibitors.

At booth #326, LTS showcased the newly released Platinum Motorized Lens Bullet Network IP Camera 5MP, CMIP9753-SZ. It generated a lot of interest from security professionals attending the event. Many wanted to know what were the specific benefits of the new small, yet powerful bullet camera. The long-range camera utilizes a 4.7-94mm varifocal motorized lens to capture surveillance at an extreme distance up to 394ft., or 20x optical zoom and offers 2.1MP Full HD resolution for enhanced picture quality. Since the camera can be installed from an extreme distance, it’s very discreet. It can beat infrastructure challenges as it’s easy to install in wide parking lots, far entrance/exit points, large infrastructures, stadiums, airports, and train stations.

Also on display, the Platinum 5MP Fixed Lens Turret Network IP camera, CMIP3052-28. The turret camera captures superior HD image quality (2560x1920@20fps) with 2.8mm Fixed Lens for both indoor and outdoor settings to meet the industry’s growing demands across vertical markets. The camera embodies Matrix IR LED up to 100ft at a reasonable price. The Matrix IR rids any halo effects sometimes seen on surveillance video captured by a camera using Traditional IR.  

For the security professional who cater to retailers, LTS offers the Platinum Fisheye Network IP Camera 12.3MP, CMIP75122F-SE. It stands alone in uniqueness as it offers retailers stronger security with 360-degree views and multiple viewing modes, but also opportunities to improve business efficiency with the heat map imaging. It can quickly help store owners identify hot spots, dead areas, and places where store traffic might bottleneck. It can help staff improve operations through customer service, marketing, and promotions. But, more importantly help change customer flow, product sales, and improve overall operations.   

Security professionals looking to simplify their customer’s camera management can introduce them to NVMS7000. The video management software helps manage all installed cameras including compatible third-party cameras. The system can manage more than 1,000 cameras, and allow 64 channel local viewing. End-users can also connect to their system on their own time from anywhere with instant Live View and Playback access up to 16 channels on smartphones or tablets.  The NVMS7000 download is free on I-Tunes for Apple and Google Play for Android.

The LTS App is also making life easier for security professionals. The app is a more convenient way to shop surveillance security products with the LTS catalog on any smartphone. System installers and integrators can also get around the clock support through the LTS YouTube Channel (, and be instantly connected to tech-support during business hours at the branch closet to them. The LTS App is free available on Apple I-Tunes and Google Play for Android.

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October 28, 2016

Get to Know LTS Security Solutions, Multi-Tester, and Extended PoE Switches

Lanham, Maryland – Discovering the LTS difference can be a huge advantage for security professionals, especially with end-to-end support. In a recent two-hour seminar, several installers and integrators gained insight on how LTS products and services can support their scalable projects: everything from network IP solutions, plug and play NVRs, a variety of IP camera lenses, products with traditional IR and matrix IR.

Participants also learned the key features of 3MP HD-TVI cameras such as Matrix IR, True WDR 120dB, a wider field of view and higher resolution. These key benefits have changed the way integrators and installers do business in the analog market.

The 5 in 1 Multi-Purpose Camera Tester, LTA-X43M, was a key product in the seminar. This alternative solution for camera testing, can test IP, HD-TVI, Analog, CVI and AHD. The 4.3in. touch screen allows for easy image viewing. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and is the highest industry level tester with 8 hours of rechargeable battery.

Security professionals also experienced the Unmanaged PoE Switch. The new switches are available in 4, 8, 16, and 24-ports. They can transmit power and data further distance than the more traditional PoE switch. With extend mode on, it can transmit up to 820ft., whereas traditional is 330ft. It also offers priority ports for power loss. In a strategic sequence, the white ports will shut down first, while power and data is still being transmitted to the red ports.

With quality products, free workshops and seminars, and end-to-end support; it’s easy for security professionals to discover the LTS difference.

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The Maryland branch is located at 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite I Lanham, MD 20706

October 26, 2016

Advantages of HD-TVI 3.0 DVRs, Hybrid NVRs with Video Analytics

Miami, Florida – In a recent workshop, security professionals gained insight on how HD-TVI 3.0 DVRs can enhance any scalable project. These DVRs support 3MP HD-TVI cameras. They offer higher resolution images, higher compression efficiency, better compatibly, and easier installation.

There are three HD-TVI 3.0 DVRs available in the 85-series: LTD8504T-ST (4CH), LTD8508T-ST (8CH), and LTD8516T-ST (16CH). Each are UL Listed and are backed by a three-year warranty.

The Platinum Hybrid Network Video Recorder also generated a lot of interest in the workshop for its flexibility. These hybrid NVRs support IP, HD-TVI, AHD, and analog cameras. They offer easy integration with projects with pre-existing systems which is a huge advantage for many security professionals.

“I have a lot of customers who like their HD-TVI system, but they want to expand their coverage with IP,” Santos Riviera, a security professional says. “The hybrid NVR offers the flexibility of using both.”

Hybrid NVRs available: LTN8704T-HT (4CH), LTN8708T-HT (8CH), and LTN8716T-HT (16CH).

The hybrid NVR also supports 3.0 HD-TVI cameras and is also UL Listed.

The workshop concluded with an overview of video analytics such as cross detecting and intrusion detections and how they can protect end user’s assets whether it’s commercial or even residential.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The Miami branch is located at 8400 NW 25th St, Suite 110 Miami, FL 33122


October 17, 2016

LTS Brings Competition to Arizona Market with 10th Location

Phoenix, Arizona -- LTS is excited to announce the opening of its 10th branch location in Phoenix, Arizona to meet the strong demands of the growing surveillance market. Security professionals across the Grand Canyon State can expect high quality network cameras, NVRs, HD-TVI cameras, DVRs, PTZ, surveillance accessories and end-to-end project installation support at the new location. The Arizona branch, located at 4141 S. 36th St., Suite 150 in Phoenix, AZ 85040 officially opened October 17, 2016. Sales office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (PST/MST) Monday through Friday. Read More

October 10, 2016

LTS PTZ Camera Withstands Hurricane Matthew and Captures Iconic Pier Collapse

Oak Island, North Carolina - Surveillance video from the Platinum IP PTZ High Speed Dome Camera 2.1MP, PTZIP762X20IR, shows the Oak Island Pier collapsing during Hurricane Matthew. The camera recorded the collapse from a nearby neighborhood while staying steady in 70+mph winds. The LTS customer who installed the high powered PTZ with Smart Tracking sent us the link from WECT-TV which used the footage for their news site.

Watch the video

More on PTZIP762X20IR


September 28, 2016

Using Push Notifications for Faster Information

Port Washington, New York – Security professionals learned how to set up push notifications in a hands-on workshop, and the benefits of the technology.  Notifications are sent to an end-user’s smart phone when their IP cameras detect motion. They are very useful because they’re instantaneous on mobile devices, much faster than email alerts. The technology allows for the best asset protection, especially when end-users are away.

NVMS7000 informs users with push notifications. The smart phone software is available on iTunes and Google SmartPlay:

Click here for Apple

Click here for Google SmartPlay

Click to set up push notifications on NVMS700 

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


September 26, 2016

LTS Participates in Cable-Tec Expo '16

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –  Engineers attending the Cable-Tec Expo ’16 discovered new cabling solutions. The expo is one of the engineering industry’s largest trade shows with thousands across from the world and close to 400 exhibiting companies attending. At booth #117, LTS showcased coax cables, cat5 cables, and VGA cables.  Security consultants also showcased several network IP cameras including: the Platinum Fixed Lens Turret Network IP Camera – 5MP -2.8mm, CMIP3052-28; the Platinum Fisheye Network IP Camera 12.3MP, CMIP75122F-SE; and the Platinum Enterprise Level 16 Channel 4K NVR 1.5U, LTN8916-P16.

HD-TVI cameras were also showcased such as: the Platinum Turret HD-TVI Camera 3MP -2.8mm, CMHT17T2W-28; the Platinum Bullet HD-TVI Camera 3MP -3.6mm, CMHR64T2W; and Platinum Professional Level 4 Channel HD-TVI 3.0 DVR.

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.  


September 21, 2016

Integrating HD-TV & IP PTZ Camera Usage and Recommendations

Port Washington, New York – In a special one-hour webinar, security professionals gained insight how to utilize HD-TVI and IP PTZ cameras. The webinar examined key features of PTZ cameras such as presets, patrols, pattern, scheduled tasks, smart tracking and how end-users can save money. PTZ cameras can pan, tilt and zoom saving the cost of buying more cameras for full situational awareness. PTZ cameras are best applied to parking lots, roof, high-ceiling lobbies, and reception areas in an office environment. Security professionals also examined how to connect both HD-TVI and IP cameras to make the installation process easier.  

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


September 15, 2016

LTS Gives Insight to Security Professionals at CEDIA 2016

Dallas, Texas – It’s been a busy week for LTS security consultants at CEDIA 2016. The tradeshow brings professionals from around the world to expand their networks and knowledge base on home technology. At booth #1105, LTS proved how it brings value by integrating high quality surveillance cameras with home automation systems such as Control4. LTS surveillance cameras are compatible with the home automation system. End-users can control everything in their home such as heating and cooling, TVs, lights, even entertainment in one centralized unit using Control4.  The video below shows how LTS integrates with the home automation system. LTS also featured the benefits of IP network solutions and video content analytics such as heat mapping and people counting used to prevent product loss and improve operations for retail businesses. 

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.



September 14, 2016

Understanding the Key Benefits of H.264 Zip+ Video Compression

Port Washington, New York – Understanding how H.264 Zip+ technology can enhance an installation project is a huge advantage, it saves end-users video storage space and money.  Security professionals recently learned about the advantages during a workshop on H.264 Zip+ video compression. The big challenge many installers and integrators face is getting the surveillance system to keep recording storage at a minimum, but offer maximum clarity in playback. However, with H.264 Zip+ (advanced video coding and format), it lowers bandwidth more so than H.264 and doubles storage space on hard drives.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


September 13, 2016

LTS Showcases Retail Loss Prevention at AARA

Somerset, New Jersey – Retailers participating in the Asian American Retailers Association Trade Expo are discovering how LTS adds value to POS solutions for stronger loss prevention. The trade expo is one of the most anticipated shows of the year for convenience stores, gas stations and liquor stores in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. LTS security consultants are giving insight on stopping inventory shrink and employee theft, as well as enhancing business operations with products that offer features such as text overlay on surveillance video to solve sales discrepancies. Video analytics such as heat map imaging shows store traffic flow including hot spots and dead zones. Another VCA is people counting which keeps track of how many people enter and exit the store. 

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.


September 13, 2016

 LTS debuts New Products at ASIS 2016

Orlando, Florida - It’s been a busy week for LTS at ASIS 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center. We’re meeting with security professionals at booth #3479 to listen and help them on their next installation project. Many installers and integrators are discovering our new HD-TVI 3.0 solutions which offer high resolution, higher video compression efficiency, better compatibility and easier installation. They’re getting a closer look at our 5MP network IP solutions which offer high definition images, broader surveillance coverage, H.24 Zip+ ready, and video analytics, great for any scalable project. 

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.


September 7, 2016

LA Branch Gives Insights on Generating Higher Profit with HD-TVI 3.0 and 5MP IP

City of Industry, California – More than 55 security professionals gained insight on utilizing HD-TVI 3.0 solutions and 5MP Network IP for competitive markets. Participants learned HD-TVI 3.0 solutions offer analog in full high definition (2052x1536P) with a higher compression efficiency, and advanced features such as True WDR 120db and Matrix IR. The cameras are available in robust housings and must be used in combination with HD-TVI 3.0 DVRs, which are backwards compatible supporting 1.3MP and 2.1MP HD-TVI cameras. The cameras are also supported by the new Hybrid NVRs.

The 5MP camera series also has advanced features with capturing images in high definition (2560x1920) and broader coverage. The series is also H.264 Zip+ ready, a higher video compression doubling video storage space. LTS also offers video analytics in these cameras such as intrusion detection and line crossing used for the retail market.  

New unmanaged PoE Switches were also a hit with participants. The new PoE switches deliver up to 660ft of power and data transmission, double the distance of the more traditional PoE switch.      

They were also interested in the new the Multi-Purpose Camera Tester which can support 4MP IP, 3MP TVI, 2MP CVI, 2MP AHD and Analog Test. 

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The Los Angeles branch is located at 18738 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, CA 91748

September 7, 2016

Maximizing Results with New Unmanaged PoE Switches

Port Washington, New York - Four new unmanaged PoE switches were featured in their first workshop since they came onto the LTS product line in late August.  In Surveillance Grade Unmanaged PoE Switches, security professionals gained insight and a closer look at how the new PoE switches can help them maximize their installation projects by delivering power and transferring data further than the more traditional switches. They offer an “extend” mode which allows the switch to support up to 660ft while the bitrate for each port is up to 10Mbps, that is double the traditional switch at 328ft.  The switches are available in 4, 8, 16, and 24 ports.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


August 24, 2016

POS Compatibility in Retail Markets

Port Washington, New York – LTS security consultants gave their insights in a free one-hour workshop on POS Compatibility in Retail Markets to installers and integrators. The workshop discussed how security professionals can offer their retail customers a way to curb inventory shrink with POS compatibility and improve business operations.

LTS products are compatible with: pcAmerica, PayFirst Solution, Aldelo POS, UP Solution, Micro POS, Sun Pos, Vivonet.

They also examined POS compatible DVRs and NVRs more closely and the POS IP server, LTAH103C, which monitors cashier traffic areas. It can also add recorded text overlay on surveillance video of cashier transactions to solve any purchasing discrepancies.  

Smart video analytics are part of retail loss prevention by helping improve business efficiency. LTS offers the Platinum Fisheye Network IP Camera 12.3MP, CMIP75122F-SE, with heat mapping. This feature shows retailers heavily trafficked areas of their stores, but also areas that are dead zones. This gives retailers an opportunity to improve their stores and make better business operations.

Security professionals also learned about a cost effective way to accurately count people flow in and out of stores with the Platinum Network People Counting IP Camera, CMIP7812W. It easily provides access to export data reports to show how store traffic has improved over time. 

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


August 17, 2016

Your Path to Higher Profits in IP Solutions and 4K 

Dallas, Texas – More than two dozen security professionals attended a seminar focused on greater profits by maximizing 4.1MP, 5MP network IP solutions, and utilizing 4K NVRs.

Participants gained knowledge on how the Platinum Network IP 4.1MP camera series offers high definition surveillance at 2688x1520p@20fps, motorized and fixed lens. These cameras are best installed at governmental infrastructures, elementary schools, universities, and shopping malls.  

In examining the 5MP IP camera series, participants also learned the series supports H.264 Zip+ technology to reduce bandwidth and increase storage space on average of 50% which will save end-users money.

They also had a firsthand look at the Platinum Professional Plus 4K NVR Series, looking at as many as eight different models and their casings. These NVRs support live view, all support PoE, and are H.264 / H. 264 Zip+ /H.265 Ready.  

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The Dallas branch is located at 1100 Valwood Pkwy., Suite 112 Carrollton, TX 75006


August 17, 2016

In-Depth Look at NVMS7000 for Optimal Results

Port Washington, New York – From learning how to setup NVMS7000 to playback from the storage server, as many as 50 security professionals learned how to optimize the free video management software to better serve their customers.  

They also learned how to use VSPlayer for video streaming files directly from the storage server and how to watermark video for forensic evidence if a crime is caught on tape.  It's important because it could help law enforcement. 

“I love the fact that the NVMS7000 system is user friendly which helps my customers even more,” Alex Padilla, an installer said.  “They like using NVMS7000.”

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


August 10, 2016

Winning More Bids for larger projects with PTZ Advantages

Port Washington, New York – During a workshop at the LTS branch in New York, installers and integrators gained insight on the advantages of PTZ cameras for bids on larger surveillance projects. The pan, tilt and zoom capabilities of these cameras offer end-users wider surveillance coverage. These cameras also offer key features such as smart tracking, scheduled tasks, optical zoom, 360° continuous rotation surveillance. There’s no need for end-users to spend thousands of dollars on a multiple camera installation.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


August 5, 2016

Leveraging HD-TVI 3.0 and 5MP IP for Vertical Markets

Mount Laurel, New Jersey – In a recent LTS webinar, as many as 70 security professionals examined how to effectively leverage a combination of HD-TVI 3.0 and 5MP Network IP solutions.

Participants gained insight into some of the key features of 3MP HD-TVI cameras such as Matrix IR, True WDR 120dB, a wider field of view and higher resolution that is helping change the way integrators and installers do business in the analog market.

Combining HD-TVI technology with 5MP Network IP solutions makes security professionals more flexible with installation projects, and gives them a competitive advantage in the market. End-users can expect superior image quality with 5MP network IP cameras, and more lens options to cover greater distances. Some cameras have 2-Way Audio Input/Output as well. The series also is H.264 Zip+ ready and integrates video analytics such as line-crossing and intrusion detection for overall security coverage.

A case study in the webinar centered around six Texas Malls and how the security professional pre-planned and executed a mass surveillance system using HD-TVI and network IP solutions.

Webinar participants gained insight from how the installer was able to connect the system from each mall to one central security location under several challenges and how LTS provided solutions to help him complete the project.  

(Read Case study: LTS Solutions Monitor Six Texas Malls to Keep Shoppers and Staff Safe)

Participants also studied an ongoing installation project at the Ibis Styles Hotels, an international chain building an eight story hotel near LaGuardia Airport in New York. This installation uses network IP, as cameras were placed in the corners of the lobby, bar, hallway, and even the outside areas of the hotel.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New Jersey branch is located at 109 West Park Dr., Suite C Mount Laurel, NJ 08054


August 3, 2016

IP Smart Search and Video Analytics Make Surveillance Easier

Port Washington, New York – When it comes to finding forensic evidence, end-users don’t have lot of time to search through hours of surveillance footage.

In a workshop at the New York branch, security professionals gained insight on maximizing IP Smart Search on the NVMS7000 to find critical evidence the smart way. They learned how to use the smart search icon on the software to see the motion indicators on the timeline given by NVMS7000. The software gives the end-user the option to search by hour, 6 hours or 24 hours with easy shuttling using the smart search icon.

The workshop also included how to use video analytics such as line-crossing and intrusion detection to protect a secured perimeter from a breach.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


July 27, 2016

Learning to Use Wireless for Bridging the Network Gap

Port Washington, New York – It’s a problem some installers and integrators face on installation projects, trying to connect two networks when they’re not allowed to use cables. For example, an installer can’t install cables because he or she isn’t allowed to drill into the wall or molding, or the infrastructure is just too challenging. Those situations make the installation seem impossible, especially not being able running cables from a server room to another room to connect the network.  At a workshop, “Take Wireless to the Next Level with AP Bridge,” several installers were able to learn a solution, using a UbiQuiTi wireless device as an access point to create a bridge between the main and smaller network. It can also be used to build a larger network in multiple buildings.

“I can’t drill into a lot of the more modern infrastructures I work on,” Gary Cartwright, an installer who services the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas said. “This is just so invaluable and useful for my business.”

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050



July 25, 2016

LTS Proudly Sponsors Campus Safety Conference East

Gaylord National Harbor, Maryland –The issue of security is even more critical across the country after recent tragic events on school campuses. Today, LTS specialists attended Campus Safety Conference East, LTS also sponsored the evening reception. The conference is an intense two-day discussion between school administrators and law enforcement agencies from across the country, in hopes of finding better security solutions to keep students safer in the midst of another act of school violence or preventing one.

LTS specialists offered insight and discussed how they can help integrators find the right solutions for stronger campus safety. In a recent case study, LTS consulted on an installation project for a large catholic school seeing an uptick in vandalism. The infrastructure of the school made cabling the cameras to the NVR a challenge. After consulting with LTS on connecting the system, the installer used a Platinum IP PTZ High Speed Dome Camera 2.1MP, PTZIP762X20IR, because there were installation limitations. The PTZ offers more flexibility than a fixed lens camera  with a 20X Zoom and can move quickly for full situational awareness for the campus.

It’s important to know, LTS can help with scalable campus installation projects, from small schools to larger universities to keep students and administrators safer in any community.  

According to the CDC, more than 599,000 students between 10 to 24 years had physical assault injuries treated in an emergency room, that’s an average of 1,642 a day. In the most recent data listed from a 2015 report, the CDC found about 17.9% of high school students took a weapon to school in 2013.

School administrators want a stronger security solution, so they can focus on making education and learning a bigger priority for students. LTS video solutions brings value to having a peace of mind when it comes to campus security.

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.  


July 20, 2016

Benefiting from the Platinum Tool Set

Port Washington, New York – Installers and integrators in the New York area are ready for their next big surveillance project after learning several new tools. In a workshop, Benefits of Platinum Tool Set, these security professionals learned how to utilize free LTS tools such as bandwidth and disk calculators, remote back up, IP portal, and a project planner.  Each tool helps security professionals be more accurate and efficient.

The bandwidth calculator takes into account how many surveillance cameras are being used in the project to generate the proper bandwidth for a powerful video solution.

One thing many security professionals come across is calculating how much disk space is needed for a particular project. The disk calculator computes how much disk or storage space will be needed to efficiently record forensic evidence, taking any guessing out on the installer or integrator’s behalf.

If a security professional wanted to find all LTS cameras and DVRs/NVRs quickly, they would use the IP portal. The software quickly lists all LTS cameras and DVRs/NVRs on the same network, so the default IP address given by the manufacture can easily be changed. Also in the tool set is remote back up, a place for surveillance video to be stored without getting lost, and project planner to help map out the project before executing it.

“This will really help me to better serve my customers,” Tim Galloway, an installer told LTS. “The calculators will help me save time on all my projects.” 

To download the Platinum Tool Set, click here

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


July 20, 2016

Maximizing Project Benefits to Stay Competitive in Demanding Markets

Miami, Florida ­– LTS specialists are teaching installers and integrators how to maximize the benefits of each surveillance project they are hired to complete. More than 40 security professionals attended the workshop, taking a closer look into the free NVMS7000 software. With the software, the end-user has a great advantage with managing their LTS cameras and playback locally or remotely. Training also included establishing an account for DDNS setup to view playback while on the go. Participants also got an in-depth look at new key features of HD-TVI 3.0 solutions, 5MP IP cameras, and DVRs and how these surveillance products can keep business competitive at an affordable price.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The Miami branch is located at 8400 NW 25th St, Suite 110 Miami, FL 33122


July 13, 2016

Advanced NVMS7000 Training Maximizes Surveillance Results

Port Washington, NY – From managing streaming cameras to scheduling recording tasks, several installers and integrators learned about optimizing the NVMS7000 software and all its benefits during a workshop in New York. The free software can help security professionals manage their LTS cameras and allows seamless playbacks locally or remotely while on the go. The training also included DDNS setup for remote viewing with the NVM7000. During the DDNS setup, participants were asked to pick a domain name that would allow them to access their DVR/NVRs remotely. A new LTS customer traveled from Africa to attend the workshop in the Big Apple. “I flew into New York from Lagos, Nigeria and I loved attending this training,” he said.

The workshop on NVMS7000 had so much interest it lasted two hours.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050

July 6, 2016

Mastering Email Alerts to Fight Crime

Port Washington, New York – Email alerts aren’t just about high technology in surveillance, it offers end-users a piece of mind when they’re away from their business or home. In the workshop, “Strengthen Your Knowledge in Email Alert Settings,” installers and integrators learned to master email settings to help end-users get notifications on video analytics such as motion detection, intrusion detection, and line crossing. An email notification is sent to the end-user when the system senses a breach. There is also a setting to send push notifications to your mobile device and notify a third party surveillance center. The technology can save end-users a lot of heartache.

"Knowing how to better set up email alerts for my clients will save them not only a lot of grief, but save the loss of their property,” Gio Venturi, an installer told LTS. “I can help prevent my clients from becoming a victim of crime.”

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


June 29, 2016

Smart Video Solutions to Deter Retail Crime and Improve Business Operations

Port Washington, New York – The National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) reports retailers lost $44 billion dollars in 2014 in product loss due to crime. Retailers can decrease their product losses with the help of integrators, installers, and effective video solutions.  At the LTS branch in New York, a hands-on one-hour workshop, Smart Retail Loss Prevention Solutions, discussed POS integration and advanced video analytics such as heat mapping and people counting. The VCAs can prevent monetary loss in all retail markets and improve overall business operations. “This really gave me ideas how to better serve my retail clients,” Joe Peters, an installer says. “I really like how heat mapping and people counting can work together to improve operations for my clients while preventing inventory theft.” There are more New York workshops scheduled in July.

For upcoming LTS events, click here 

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050


June 23, 2016

Innovative Security Solutions Spark More Business Opportunities

Fremont, California – Innovation makes the surveillance industry move forward. At LTS, innovative products are helping security professionals reach high market demands every day. In our free “Lunch and Learn” seminar, more than 30 installers and integrators in the San Francisco area discovered how they can increase business opportunities with the latest technology including 3MP HD-TVI cameras. LTS specialists also discussed, key advantages of new PTZ cameras and 6mm fixed lens IP cameras. The installers and integrators also got a close look at upcoming innovative products such as the 5MP IP and LPR IP cameras.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The Fremont branch is located at 46791 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA. 947538


June 22, 2016

Learning to Maximize Storage using PT Cloud  

Port Washington, New York – In a small group setting, integrators and installers got an in-depth look at optimizing storage capacity with PT Cloud. This hands-on workshop included a step by step guide for the basic setup of PT Cloud to maximize recording capacity and minimize installation time while saving money. The workshop also covered streaming cameras without port forwarding.

For upcoming LTS events, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050  

June 17, 2016

'Lunch & Learn' Workshop Teaches New Settings for IP Fisheye and PTZ

Lanham, Maryland – LTS is empowering installers and integrators by helping them understand the newest technology behind IP Fisheye and PTZ cameras. It’s part of a free 'Lunch and Learn' workshop that went over key features of the network fisheye and scheduling tasks with IP PTZ cameras. Utilizing the key features of the cameras will not only improve business efficiency for the end-user, but save money by reducing human surveillance. 

Find more LTS seminars, click here

The Maryland branch is located at 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite I Lanham, MD 20706


June 15, 2016

Learning to Master New Solutions for Any Size Project

Port Washington, New York – Installers and integrators learned how to maximize new IP and HD-TVI solutions in a free hands-on workshop. The workshop covered the unique settings of the new 12.3MP fisheye camera and the interchangeable lens IP box camera, knowledge that will help master any scalable project. Intelligent video analytics and applications for the new 6mm lens cameras were also covered in this workshop.  

Find more LTS seminars, click here

The New York branch is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050



June 14, 2016

LTS Delivers Reliable Video Based Business Intelligence to Retail Loss Prevention

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – LTS participated in the National Retail Federation’s NRF Protect, a loss prevention conference. At booth #303, LTS showcased several new products to help loss prevention, but also showed retailers how LTS can support them in being more efficient in their business with cutting edge technologies such as POS integration, people counting and heat mapping fisheye cameras. With key features such as a 360-degree view, ePTZ, and no blind spots, the 12.3MP Platinum Fisheye Network IP Camera was very popular with retailers at NRF. “Video evidence is huge and we’re glad to see LTS here at NRF,” Justine Waters, a participant says. According to the 2015 National Retail Security Survey, retailers lost an estimated $44 billion dollars in products from mostly crime. “We’re typically able to capture unusual events, but not always able to identify the crooks, with these new HD quality videos. They’ll definitely be helpful for our department store security control center,” Brianna Anderson, an NRF attendee says. “Retailer’s ROI is rapid, and when staff is aware of the capabilities of the systems, it puts people on their toes.”

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.


 June 10, 2016

Specializing IP Cameras for Business Intelligence  

Mount Laurel, New Jersey – More than 40 surveillance installers and integrators learned about specialized IP cameras. The free Lunch and Learn Seminar included a discussion on the 6.3MP, and 12.3MP fisheye network cameras with video analytics such as heat map for better business efficiency. Intelligent video analytics also help better understand customer behavioral patterns.

Find more LTS seminars, click here

The New Jersey branch is located at 109 West Park Dr., Suite C Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

June 10, 2016

LTS Showcases New 3MP HD-TVI Solutions with Superior Features

Las Vegas, Nevada - It's the last day of InfoComm16. LTS Specialist, Hector Chow, reports on unique features in the 3MP HD-TVI solutions. The new 3MP HD-TVI camera series brings higher resolution at 1920x1536@18fps and supports Tribrid + AHD. HD-TVI cameras come with both motorized and fixed lens, Matrix IR, True WDR 120dB, are UL Listed, and come in robust designs. They are all rated IP66 weatherproof for both indoors/outdoors and have a 3-year warranty. They all feature OSD Menu via UTC technology with Platinum HD-TVI DVR. This camera series gives more options to HD-TVI users at an affordable price.

June 9, 2016

LTS Participates in Largest pro-AV Industry Tradeshow with Thousands of Spectators

Las Vegas, Nevada – Audio and Visual professionals and end users from around the world attended InfoComm16 in Las Vegas to learn the latest in AV technology. According to InfoComm International’s website, 26% of members are systems contractors or integrators, and 6% are independent reps and service providers. Surveillance professionals attending the tradeshow inquired about the new 5MP camera product line. The camera series features superior imagine quality, more lens options, and video analytics. LTS also showcased POS, and its featured integration partner Control4. The LTS booth #C9045 is the Security Solutions Pavilion, spectators were told to follow the security graphics on the floor to find the pavilion.

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.


June 9, 2016

LTS Shows Easy Integration Surveillance Technology at ESX ‘16

Fort Worth, Texas – LTS is participating in the Electronic Security Expo, a tradeshow based on security alarms. At booth #830, LTS specialists showed alarm installers and integrators how easy cutting edge surveillance can integrate with the alarm systems they sell, and the use of video content analytics such as Line Crossing and Intrusion Detection which can trigger alarms.  LTS also showcased the vandal proof Platinum Fisheye Network IP Camera 12.3MP, CMIP75122F-SE.

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here 

May 26, 2016

Security Professionals Learn the Latest LTS IP Solutions at NEACC 

Marlborough, Massachusetts – From the start of the NEACC at the Royal Trade Center, the LTS booth (#808) was very busy. Security professionals from across the country met one on one with an LTS specialist to learn about the latest in scalable network solutions, including the 5MP IP product line. Installers and integrators were very interested in learning more about the new outdoor 12.3MP Fisheye Network IP camera, CMIP75122F-SE, and varifocal motorized lens equipped cameras audio and alarm I/O. An LTS engineer demonstrated how to use an NVR as a backup server or connecting HD-TVI cameras to display on a NVR. LTS is a leader in helping security professionals find video solutions at NEACC.  

To find more trade shows LTS will be attending, visit here.


May 20, 2016

LTS Video Management Software Explored during Workshop

Lanham, Maryland – At a free Lunch and Learn workshop, a dozen installers and integrators were able to get in-depth training on NVMS7000, the free LTS 4.3 version video management software. LTS specialists taught how the software can best be applied for the type of project involved.  During the workshop, participants learned how to watch remote playback, discuss fisheye dewarping and two-way radio. Some of the participants were interested in seeing how they can manage up to 100 devices using the software.

Find More LTS seminars, click here

The LTS branch in Maryland is located at 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite I Lanham, MD 20706



May 19, 2016

LTS Branch in Miami Hosts Seminar on Latest Surveillance Technology

Miami, Florida – More than 40 installers and integrators learned the latest cutting edge surveillance technology during an LTS “Lunch and Learn” Seminar. The seminar covered how H.264 Zip+, advanced video compression technology, can double storage space. They also learned how H.264 Zip+ can work better for their projects and save end users money. Some of the installers work on retail projects and were curious to see how to better integrate a POS solution in the retail market. As part of the learning experience, the installers and integrators got a glimpse of the all-new 4.1MP and 5MP network IP camera series.     

Find More LTS seminars, click here

The Florida branch is located at 8400 NW 25th St., Suite 110 Miami, FL 33122



May 13, 2016

Interactive Workshops Teach Installers About the Latest Technology

Port Washington, New York – The LTS branch in New York is hearing great feedback from installers and integrators after three free hands-on training workshops. The workshops covered a long list of topics, everything from LTS Plug & Play which is easy network setup with a power cable, HDMI cable or cat-5 cable. They also learned about how to get double the storage space with H.264 zip+ technology. Some were very excited to see how compatible LTS IP cameras are with Control4. They examined a Control4 case study in which an integrator upgraded a previous surveillance system in a Multi million dollar home to LTS while maintaining the end-user's Control4 system. Installers and integrators were able to see a preview of new innovative ip cameras expected to arrive later this year such as the 2.1MP Motorized Stainless Steel IP Camera, 4K Multi-Sensor Panoramic Network IP Camera and the 12.3 Fisheye Network IP Camera.   

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The New York branch of LTS is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050

NY Seminar


April 29, 2016

LTS Branch in Maryland Holds Free Seminar to Help Installers and Integrators

Lanham, Maryland – More than 20 installers and integrators learned the value of new technology during a free LTS 3MP HD-TVI and 4.1MP IP Solutions seminar. The event was held at the Maryland branch and offered participants new information with the introduction of 3MP HD-TVI cameras which go beyond 1080P. Integrators were able to get a closer look at the expansion of the 4.1MP IP product line. These new cameras capture superior forensic details, equipped with built-in analytics.

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The LTS office is located at 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite I Lanham, MD 20706

Maryland Seminar

April 9, 2016

LTS Showcases All-New IP and 3MP HD-TVI Solutions at ISC West

Las Vegas, Nevada - LTS proved why security professionals continue to choose LTS as their video solutions provider during the three-day (April 6-8, 2016) ISC West tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. Thousands of security professionals congregated around booth #23067, where LTS exhibited brand new advanced IP and HD-TVI solutions to meet heavy industry demands of the competitive market.

The entire booth comprised of four full kiosks showcasing new technology including our brand new IP67 anti-corrosion dome IP camera, CMIP4023DW-SZ, durable for harsh environments near oceans, or high sand storm areas. Also making its debut was our 4K multi-sensor panoramic dome IP camera, CMIP4172-S, which when installed correctly executes optimal panoramic 180-degree view to capture events from four individual lens. Equipped with multiple viewing options, LTS is going beyond definition with our latest 12MP fisheye network IP camera, CMIP75122F-E. These three new products are expected to arrive later this year.

As LTS continues to grow, partner integration platforms demand also grows. This year we showcased feature IP-based partner integrations including Control4 controller EA-3 and Milestone XProtect software now compatible with our ONVIF compliant IP cameras. Learn More

Enhanced high definition gains more value as we presented our new line of 3MP HD-TVI cameras able to capture powerful details at 2052x1536P. Security professionals showed high level of interest confirming that the analog World and HD-TVI is here to stay.

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February 26, 2016

LTS Displays Latest IP Technology at 2016 NJESA

Participants at the 2016 NJESA’s Annual Symposium got a sneak peak of the latest technology LTS has to offer. The company proudly showcased it's easy to install Platinum Mini Bullet IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP8222W, that features VCA, True WDR and is IP66. The easy to set up Plug & Play Platinum Professional Level 4 Channel NVR, LTN8704-P4, was also on display and caught much interest at 2016 NJESA. Attendees were able to schedule a meeting with an LTS specialist at booth #408 and learn exclusive insights on LTS products.

LTS was one of many exhibitors at the annual symposium that offers businesses and consumers a chance to meet with technical reps in the fire alarm and security industry. LTS was a proud sponsor of the 2016 symposium held last month. 


February 25, 2016

LTS Partners with Milestone XProtect Device Pack

LTS joins up with Milestone to ensure IP devices are support by Milestone XProtect software. XProtect has flexible dynamics to mix hardware from different manufacturers in order to get the best coverage and functionality from each surveillance installation. Your Milestone XProtect new device or updated device now supports LTS IP cameras! To ensure your compatibility, find your IP camera on our compatibility list here. 

By joining LTS technology partners list, or finding which partners are currently compatible, increase your opportunities in the marketplace. 

Learn more here. 


February 3, 2016

LTS Attends Southern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable (SCOAR)

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – With a little under 150 attendees, LTS exhibits at the SCOAR, Southeast roundtable event for construction owners providing IP and HD-TVI solutions introduction and full product line of video surveillance equipment. With innovative technology and solutions for construction related projects, LTS is able to provide end to end solutions for security surveillance demands.

Improve overall cost effectiveness, and incorporate security into the planning, managing, and execution of any new constructions projects.


January 25, 2016

LTS Releases New Updates for NVMS7000 Mobile App on iTunes Apple Store and GooglePlay 

The NVMS7000 is a mobile phone surveillance application based on iPhone/ Android, and supports the full line of LTS products. Version 4.2.2. helps fix the following:

1. Support hardware decoding, up to 1080p real time live view and playback. 
2. Improve the two-way audio performance, and echo is decreased. 
3. Automatically turn off the audio of the video when two-way audio is enabled. 
4. Fix the issue of inconformity between the time of the recorded file and actual time. 
5. Support Vietnamese.  

Download latest version today:  iPhone │ Android


December 17, 2015

LTS Introduces HD-TVI Box Camera as a Solution to Outdoor Applications, CMHB902

Insufficient visible lighting can cause glares in night surveillance. Deployments of bullet and dome cameras with IR’s have been a known issue to false alarms with glares and insects. Aside from choosing the Matrix IR option, LTS solution now offers the all new HD-TVI box camera, CMHB902 paired with an external IR illuminator. With the proper IR illuminator with a field of viewing match the field of view of your camera, you can ensure improvements in applications removing glares and insects away from the camera lens. This introduces the first box camera housing to our HD-TVI product lines at an affordable cost.

The CMHB902 has interchangeable lens allowing you to switch out lens based on project needs. Choose from our 2.1MP lens options available here

Learn more about the CMHB902


November 24, 2015

Attempted Break-ins in Residential Enables Neighborhood Wide Watch for Thieves

Little Elm, Texas - LTS Platinum Fixed Lens Turret IP Camera 2.1MP, CMIP1122 helped capture thieves. LTS would like to remind everyone to have a safe Thanksgiving and remember to keep an eye on children and unlocked homes for the weekend. We share a testimonial how break-ins can happen to anyone, and at any hour of the day in residential communities. Mr. Bucknor shares:

“My lady is always up checking the cameras at nights whenever she hears some sound outside, so on a Sunday night while checking the cameras she found the attached footage. It looks like Sunday morning around 1AM, a young gentleman tried to break into our cars on the driveway. He could not get in and left. Then around 3AM later that morning, another young gentleman and his girlfriend tried to do the same thing. Yep, two thieves in one night, how crazy is that. We informed the police the next morning and they stopped by the house to take a statement. I provided them with video footage and they were just blown away with the quality of the video, so blown away that they both will be requesting quotes for their personal homes and they also took a few of my cards to share with the rest of their team to see if they also wanted cameras installed at their personal house. After they left, we received a call from the sheriff’s office thanking us for the video footage. It seems they had 4 other break in that night and the video we provided enable them to launch a neighborhood wide search for the thieves.

Well after this incident I will definitely be updating my cameras to achieve better resolutions in low light conditions.”

Break In 1Break In 2

November 19, 2015

LTS Exhibits at ISC East 2015 in New York

Javits Center North, New York – Dealers and integrators flood the show floor both days at the ISC East 2015 (November 19, 2015) expo as manufacturers and solution providers display the latest technology in video surveillance. LTS provides an overview of the technical advantages of IP and HD-TVI at booth #358 with key 2016 security expansions in video content analytics.

LTS was also featured at the Western Digital booth displaying our IP solution with a Platinum Matrix IR Turret Camera 4.1MP, CMIP1142W, a Platinum Fixed Lens Dome Camera 4.1MP – 2.8mm lens built in microphone, CMIP3142W-28S, and a Platinum Professional 16CH NVR 1U, LTN8716-P16. Attendees learned how surveillance grade hard drives make a difference in recording reliability and quality.

LTS specialists stand by booth #358 to introduce intelligent, scalable, and easy to use video solutions like smart tracking PTZ, wireless network solutions, and a generous work shop style display of different housing cameras and high definition megapixels. Attendees were able to have a hands on experience to emphasize the quality and value comparison of a wide range of solutions.

Branch manager Richard Kang speaks, “"We held several high-quality discussions with existing and future customers and partners at the ISC East. We received positive feedback on our PTZ smart tracking high speed domes that is easily compatible with DVR and NVRs. The HD-TVI technology still seems to prevail and the overall concept is very adaptable to existing analog systems or migration to IP.”

This was a successful event to end 2015 and we look forward to seeing everyone at ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas booth #23067

To learn more about LTS IP solutions, click here

ISC East groupISC east

isc east deskisc east

November 12, 2015

LTS in Maryland Presents High Definition Solutions

Lanham, Maryland - LTS warmly welcomed dealers and integrators to the new location in Maryland, as well as shared LTS HD SolutionsThe surveillance market has caught the high definition demand wave with low cost high definition analog options widely available. How does this effect the market or IP? This seminar introduces LTS HD solutions and the latest product roadmap, and how dealers and integrators should futureproof their systems.

With demo comparisons of different resolutions, senior technician, Tony Tang states, “With LTS tribrid technology in HD-TVI DVRs, we see immense increase of our customers migrating to IP much easier because they see how easy Plug and Play IP solutions can be applied”. Applications of old analog cameras, HD-TVI cameras, and IP cameras are all connectable to the HD-TVI DVR providing a seamless solution for those still transitioning. By comparing older analog TVL resolution to the new HD ones, many customers choose the high definition which is just as affordable as older analog TVL cameras.

Dealers and integrators shared questions and answers amongst each other where overall, many took away new information and applications for projects. An installer commented, “All I have to do is pull up my Smartphone, open NVMS7000, and show my new customers what LTS products are capable of seeing and doing. This usually closes the deals for me because I have examples to prove the products are great.”

The most exciting intelligent camera introduced was the all-new IP fisheye people counting camera CMIP7812W. These camera analytics can be easily exported in Excel, and offers more than just analytics, it features true wide dynamic range 120dB, audio I/O, alarm I/O, and more. Learn about this product here.

The LTS office is located at 4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite I Lanham, MD 20706

Maryland Seminar

November 12, 2015

LTS in New York Provides Product Training

Port Washington, New York - LTS provided detail training on 4.1MP IP cameras, PTZs, and wireless solutions. The surveillance market in 2015 learned that the intelligence and wealth of knowledge became important for understanding customer’s needs. This product training included a comprehensive look at the 4.1MP IP cameras, PTZ, and wireless solutions.

Dealers and integrators learned how increased analytic performance with built-in intelligent functionalities including line crossing, smart search, intrusion detection, and smart tracking on PTZs can allow video analytics applications to be utilized for forensic evidence. Some technology features discussed in depth included Matrix IR, EZ Zoom motorized lens, true wide dynamic range 120dB, and more.

The PTZ product lines in both HD-TVI and IP were presented offering ideal indoor outdoor applications such as small industries, malls, hotels, commercial facilities, and more. “We are confident to say that LTS PTZ are offer industry standard performances at a very aggressive price,” stated Marlon Lau, Senior Technician and Product Manager. 

Going beyond IP solutions, LTS formally reviewed when and why wireless solutions should be considered or applied. Solutions presented included the LNT8208-W wireless NVR, and CMIP8932-W, wireless network cube cameras. 

The LTS office in New York is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050

new york seminarnew york seminar2

October 23, 2015

LTS Presents How to Sell More with HD Security in IP and HD-TVI

Fremont, California - LTS introduces the latest technology and product lines in IP and HD-TVI Driving meaningful improvements for any existing or new installation project across all vertical markets can be challenging. LTS provides a quick overview on the HD market and how LTS products can help you stay competitive in both technology and profitability. Over 35 dealers and integrators joined us in an interactive seminar on HD-TVI, IP, and PTZ solutions.

Attendees learned how being a leader in HD-TVI full HD over coax solution now offers variety of technology including EZ Zoom varifocal motorized lens, license plate recognition, true wide dynamic range, and more. This gives installers an advantage when presenting new solutions in housings from domes, turrets, bullets, and PTZs. Key benefits were also shared for the analog to IP migration covering reduced costs in total cost of ownerships, as well as the technology and availability. Kevin Lin, senior technician, also provided high intuitive features like the new USB joystick that is quick and easy to use for PTZs.

By using storytelling and visual content provided, we hope dealers and integrators gain more knowledge about LTS products to capitalize on more sales and profit.

LTS has a San Francisco area office located at 46791 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538

SF Seminar Image 1SF Seminar Image 2


October 21, 2015

LTS Presents Product Training

Miami, Florida - LTS Presents Key Product Training on the New 4.1MP IP Cameras, PTZs, and Wireless Solutions. Transform the latest technology and knowledge to help gain competitive advantages and save immensely on upcoming security projects. LTS shares three key product lines including the all new Profile 4.1MP IP cameras, the wireless NVR LTN8208-W, and the abundant line of IP and HD-TVI PTZs. By understanding the technology and how to implement them with your projects can save time, and also increase your profits.

With over 20 dealers and integrators, the interest level still shows dominant in IP solutions. Senior technician, Marlon Lau, demonstrates how PTZs are capable of schedule tasks, smart tracking, IP66, UL Listed, with a 2-year warranty at an affordable price. LTS also provides different options to control a PTZ either with a mouse, DVR/NVR, mobile app NVMS7000, PC, or keyboard/joystick. To watch more on how to easily setup your IP PTZ to a DVR/NVR, click here

The Profile 4.1MP IP Cameras includes Wide Dynamic Range 120dB and Video Content Analytics. The models introduced are the CMIP9743W-SZ, CMIP7243W-SZ, CMIP1142W, CMIP1142W-28, CMIP3042W, CMIP3042W-28, CMIP7442W-28M, CMIP7442WB-28M, CMIP8242W, CMIP8242WB, CMIP1942W, CMIP9743W-S, CMIP7243W-S, and CMIP4142W-28S. Shop for 4.1MP click here

Wireless solutions can be used for an alternative when cables cannot be run, or if vertical routes are a concern like elevators, high rises in cities, or concrete walls. The LTN8208-W can be a simple solution paired with the CMIP8932-W that can be connected 100ft or more. For more information, contact your sales representative today. 

Miami October 2015 Seminar


October 17, 2015

LTS Exhibits at Cedia Expo 2015 Booth #1010

Dallas, Texas – With over 25,000 attendees to CEDIA this year, LTS exhibits for the first time at booth #1010 from October 15-17, 2015. Experience the latest innovations in surveillance merging with smart home and business automations. Network video continues to play a dominant role in security bringing more advanced technology to emerge for end users.

LTS exhibits IP, HD-TVI, third party integration, and smart analytic product showcases. The general audience who visit us had keen interest in IP delivering the desire to learn more about technology and its capability to integrate. With a competitive and affordable price point, the quality of cameras was commonly called “extraordinary” and “the best they’ve seen at the show”.

On the HD-TVI showcase, the LPR100 receive lots of interest and discussion being a leader in HD-TVI license plate recognition camera solution. Many were surprised to witness the clarity as a license plate was held across the exhibition hall.

To find out more about LTS showcase at the show, watch featured videos by click here

CEDIA 2015 Expo

October 16, 2015

LTS Seminar on HDTVI and PTZs

Mount Laurel, New Jersey - With an over saturated market for HD-TVI security products, LTS presents the latest and innovative HD-TVI technology invested to help dealers and installers provide more comprehensive high definition solutions to customers. With over 40 installers and integrators who attended, we shared a hands on experience with the all new EZ Zoom motorized varifocal HD-TVI cameras that are 2.1MP high definition, and come in domes, bullets, and turrets. Watch how easy EZ Zoom 2.1MP varifocal motorized lens camera works displaying 1080P zoom in features versus standard digital zoom. To learn how to have the ability to zoom using the DVR, camera OSD, or mobile apps, click here.

With powerful and attractive priced PTZ product line, LTS shares how it’s advanced technology can be utilized in many vertical market applications. LTS PTZ are easy to install with the option of in-ceiling, mount, or pole mount, with 360 seamless rotation. To watch how to schedule a PTZ task, click here

To learn more about LTS HD-TVI total solutions, EZ Zoom varifocal motorized lens, and PTZs, contact your local sales representative today.

The LTS office in New Jersey is located 109 West Park Dr., Suite C Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 

New Jersey October 2015 Seminar

September 25, 2015

LTS Office Presents Why Today's Customers Buy HD Security

City of Industry, California - LTS' LA branch welcomes dealers and integrators to the new building location, as well as share 'Why Today’s Customers Buy HD Security.' In the digital and technology driven world we live in today, surveillance has caught the wave of surpassing the TVL tradition and providing customers with perfect 1080P Full HD solutions establishing the HD standard in surveillance. New projects demand HD, which is offered in several different solutions and technology on the market. LTS focuses on HD-TVI and IP to maximize dealers and integrators futureproof solutions as well as lowering total cost of ownership. This seminar introduced new product lines, advanced video content analytics, and common applications revealed.  

With over 45 dealers and integrators, LTS shared how IP based surveillance systems are designed to help allow the analog migration to IP easier, and affordable. As a security professional, LTS makes it affordable to profitable to still sell HD quality over analog as well as IP. We shared new technology developed in HD-TVI product line such as EZ Zoom varifocal motorized lens 2.1MP cameras, and the license plate recognition camera LPR100. Elaborated IP features included true wide dynamic range 120dB, video content analytics, and more. The EZ Zoom feature allows high definition optical zoom versus digital zoom capabilities. This is extremely beneficial for vertical market applications like cashiers, bars, and more. Senior technician, Raymond Tan, demonstrated how easy LTS plug and play standalone NVRs set up is. IP addresses are automatically detected as well as assigned to IP cameras. For those looking to slowly migrate, we also shared how to connect IP cameras to our tribrid HD-TVI DVRs. Watch how here.

Maximize your profits with new competitive features in affordable and quality surveillance products. Replace or upsell customers with advanced video content analytics and higher resolution. Senior technician, Ken Nim, demonstrated how smart tracking, as well as schedule task can be implemented in various applications like parking lots, commercial buildings, shopping malls, retail, as well as airports. Dealers and integrators shared questions and answers amongst each other where overall, many took away new information and applications for projects ending with a lunch and seminar promotional specials. Stay tuned for upcoming events here. 

The LA area LTS office is located at 18738 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, CA 91748

 LA Seminar


September 16, 2015

The All-New Motorized Varifocal HDTVI 2.1MP High Definition Cameras Launch

Los Angeles, California – Robust, weatherproof, and versatile built-in motorized features allow the all-new CMHT1023-Z, CMHD3423D-Z, CMHR6823D-Z, to be the next hottest seller on the market. Here’s why:

In medium to large scale systems that require numerous camera installations, this can help significantly reduce installation and system cost. With focus settings and motorized zoom capabilities built-in the camera can facilitate to less time on site or manually adjusting the camera. With two easy options for zoom settings, you can simply adjust using the DVR interface, or directly for the OSD toggle built in the camera. It’s 2.8mm-12mm varifocal lens gives you the flexibility to see at any angle of preference, and also a zoom capability with just one click. Zoom in to see finer details, but capture all angles you need. At 1920x1080P @30fps, capture clarity both day and night with IR distances up to 131ft.

These motorized varifocal lens HDTVI cameras are available in dome, bullet, and turret housings, they are UL Listed, IP66 rating, and ready for wide variety of applications. 

August 21, 2015

LTS Workshop: Hands on Experience with HD-TVI 

Miami, Florida - Earlier this year, LTS opened the newest branch in Miami. At that location, LTS demonstrated how easy it was to upgrade to HD-TVI and IP plug and play solutions. More than 20 dealers and installers attended the two-day workshop (August 20-21, 2015). Many were impressed by the user experience with some solutions including, 8 channel Wi-Fi ready NVR, motorized HD-TVI cameras, intelligent H.264 Zip+, and applying case studies with how some of LTS affordable PTZs can help cut your total ownership cost as well as adding smarter analytic tools.  

Be able to fulfill your clients’ requests, while adding more value to your services with LTS solutions. 

LTS in Miami is located at 8400 NW 25th St., Suite 110 Miami FL, 33122

August 14, 2015

LTS Holds Seminar on IP Wireless Solutions

Port Washington, New York – LTS is addressing rising demands for IP wireless solutions.  Installing security systems in cities may require advanced solutions due to frequent building renovations, diverse utility infrastructures, sky rises, bridges, and boroughs. Therefore, wireless solutions have become an evolving solution in New York to help cut costs, and installation times.  

More than 20 dealers and installers attended a Wireless IP Solutions workshop (August 14, 2015). The workshop covered IP products, frequency ranges, bandwidth constraints, wiring, network, and configuration. Senior technician, Tony Yang, helped answer and troubleshoot several case by case scenarios installers are challenged with wireless. The seminar also covered the different forms of network cabling, UTP and STP differences, and choosing the right bandwidth consumptions for unique cases. Find out how LTS can help increase the satisfaction of end users while solving installation issues with the LTS Wireless Solutions. 

LTS in New York is located at 99 Seaview Blvd., Suite 1B Port Washington, NY 11050

July 17, 2015

LTS Grand Opening and Seminar

Dallas, Texas – LTS celebrates its Grand Opening with a seminar inviting new and existing customers to visit and learn about LTS IP and HD-TVI Solutions.

The event (July 16, 2015) successfully hosted over 30 dealers and integrators. Fahad Abdulkhaleq, a senior technician, discussed 2015 surveillance market trends, and the benefits of choosing HD-TVI or IP solutions. Several vertical market applications became an interactive discussion with the audience. A 2015 product roadmap and new technologies were introduced as Dealers and integrators were very enthusiastic to hear about them like the H.264 Zip+ technology, EZ Zoom, and people counting VCA. LTS office hopes to continue to serve customers as well as the Northern Texas region.

The Dallas location is located at 1100 Valwood Pkwy., Suite 112 Carrollton, TX 75006 


July 6, 2015

LTS First to Introduce HD-TVI 7" LCD Tester

With the increasing demand for high definition in affordable analog solution, more dealers and integrators find themselves spending extensive hours setting up cameras and adjusting its angles since older traditional analog testers cannot support HD-TVI signals. LTS now has answers with bigger, and better 7" LCD HD-TVI testers, LTA-X41T. Order yours today to help cut installation time, and even complete projects without additional support. 

Learn More Here.


June 26, 2015

LTS Announces H.264 Zip Plus Enhanced Video Compression

LTS' H.264 Zip Plus is fully compatible with H.264 and free to upgrade. H.264 Zip Plus will allow customers to reduce bandwidth and save storage space on average 50% without having to invest in a new recorder or cameras. This technology can be widely beneficial to 24/7 surveillance monitoring and many vertical market applications. H.264 Zip Plus technology will analyze and optimize recording data and stream in real time without losing quality. It then reduces or filters out resolution in areas or time periods that are irrelevant. To learn more about LTS H.264 Zip Plus, visit

H.264 Zip Plus will be available for most existing Platinum models, via firmware updates 6.1. 


June 22, 2015

LTS' New York Office Being Relocated: Grand Opening and Seminar Party

Port Washington, New York – LTS in New York celebrates a new location with a premier grand opening party and seminar (June 19, 2015). With a larger warehouse, we are able to offer dealers and integrators with more advanced security equipment availability and a full end to end solution provider to ensure exclusive services as a one-stop shop. The New York branch is now open from 8:30AM – 6:00PM EST Monday to Friday, and offer free breakfast for the early birds.

The event was successful hosting over 35 dealers and integrators. The seminar topic covered LTS new IP and HD-TVI solutions as well as 2015 product roadmap and new technologies. Dealers and integrators were very enthusiastic to hear about new releases like the H.264 Zip+ technology, EZ Zoom, and people counting VCA. As a bonus, our senior technicians hosted a special hand on workshop and did one on one coaching on new ways to design projects and optimize their surveillance systems. We hope to continue to serve our customers and provide video solutions for security professionals.

LTS in New York is now located at 99 Seaview Blvd, Suite 1B, Port Washington, NY 11050.    

May 26, 2015

IP Solutions leading High Definition security solutions at Northeast Security Systems Expo 2015

Marlborough, Massachusetts -  LTS focuses on providing the latest IP and HD-TVI solutions for security professionals at the Northeast Security Systems Expo on May 21, 2015 with over 500 attendees and 90 exhibitors.

LTS Platinum IP Plug and Play solutions still remained high interest with positive remarks. George Jowinsky, an installer commented, “I remember my first purchase of LTS IP system years ago, and I never left you guys.” With a competitive price and 3-year warranty, LTS experienced many loyal customers with IP. It’s user friendly intuitive interface and features like on screen display settings, no port forwarding options, smart search, video content analytics, and logo replacement for commercial branding has helped increase profit for our dealers and installers. Click here to learn about LTS NVR systems.

HD-TVI has been in the market for almost a year, yet some viewers were still confused how it works. With several attendees still asking about analog products, LTS was able to demonstrate how high definition is now the easy upgrade to high definition through coaxial cables. Analog installers were very surprised about the technology. Howard Lyde, attendee commented, “This changes everything, I have a great deal of projects that insist on not changing out their current infrastructure, so being able to offer HD will make a huge difference with my clients.” Click here to learn about HD-TVI technology.

May 20, 2015

LTS Opens Miami Branch!

On May 20, 2015 we opened a new branch in Miami, Florida. The new office address is 18400 NW 25th St., Suite 110 Miami, FL 33122. The main number is (786) 693-1813. For any Email inquiries, you can contact

It's a pleasure serving our customers at the new location with the same quality and service you come to expect of us. Visit us soon!

May 8, 2015

LTS Exhibiting at Northeast Security Systems Contractors Expo

Marlborough, Massachusetts - On Thursday, May 21, 2015 LTS will be at the Royal Plaza Trade Center to display the latest technology and product line during the Northeast Security Systems Contractors Expo. Take advantage of exclusive specials and experience hands on demonstrations of comprehensive equipment. For your free exhibit hall registration, please visit 

Booth: #810
Location: Royal Plaza Trade Center 181 Boston Post Road West Marlborough, MA 01752

April 30, 2015

LTS in Dallas Opens May 6, 2015

LTS is proud to announce that we will be opening a new branch on May 6, 2015. The new office address is 1100 Valwood Pkwy #112 Carrolton, TX 75006. The main number is (469) 289-5780. For any Email inquiries, you can contact

It is a pleasure to be serving our customers at the new location with the same quality and service you come to expect of us. Visit us soon!

April 21, 2015

Thank You for Joining Us at ISC West 2015!

Las Vegas, Nevada - LTS showcased what’s new and a full product introduction to its high definition lineup in IP and HD-TVI. With over 22,000 attending ISC West April 15-17, 2015. LTS displayed a number of key new products including; H.265, ONVIF, 4K IP Solutions, LTS video management system, and access control.

LTS footprint in the U.S. over the past 6 years have been a tremendous success. With 2 additional branch locations opening next month in May, LTS will have a total of 9 branch locations nationwide to help facilitate the high demand of video equipment for security professionals. Find your local office here.


While hard drive companies are increasing the storage size of hard drives, H.265 helps increase your storage space by cutting storage size in half, but keeping the same quality. Not only can H.265 help store more footages using half the bandwidth, it still has the capability to record in 4K resolution.

4K IP Solutions

Typical surveillance systems may be challenged by fast moving objects, or bandwidth limitations. With LTS 4K IP Solutions, helps improve true high definition image quality even in variable lighting contrast environments. LTS 4K IP cameras give you four times the resolution of 1080P, so even when zoomed in, resolution in remarkable.

LTS Video Management System

When we talk about being open, LTS has revealed its upcoming video management system that is truly open to all third party devices. This intelligent VMS combines the advantages of tools, management, and the convenience of viewing up to 32 cameras all in one screen.

Access Control

An access control system has become a crucial product line in the surveillance and security game. It involves authorization in both professional and residential environments that is much more effective in keeping entrance points controlled. The new generation of LTS access control system technology uses biological reader, keypad, card reader, and magnetic locks all controlled by an access control panel.  

Booth: #26073
Location: Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV 


March 19, 2015

LTS 32 Channel HD-TVI DVR is a Hot Release LTD8432T-FA

The World’s First 32 Channel HD-TVI DVR (LTD8432T-FA) from LTS provides high definition solution in total flexibility to mix and match analog, TVI, and IP for large projects. LTS is a leader in digital video surveillance providing reliable, innovative, and cost effective video solutions for security professionals.

Large projects typically need multiple DVRs in order to connect all cameras. This system is unique and flexible to streams 32 channels high definition from the DVR and an additional 8 Channel IP camera connection giving you a total connection of 40 cameras! For a hassle free installation on sites, the latest LTS “PT Cloud” feature allows you to stream cameras without port forwarding using P2P network protocol helping reduce installation time. That’s right, no port forwarding needed.

The LTD8432T-FA 32 channel HD-TVI DVR is a great solution for business use. It supports Point of Sales and can connect up to 8 cash registers, it also has 4 audio inputs to record audio and video simultaneously, and easy setup for HD-TVI PTZ high speed domes that does not require RS-485 cables to control the camera.

Smart features like Video content analytics have become a popular trend as an added service value. The LTD8432T-FA also features VCA, smart tracking. Smart tracking has the ability to sense moving objects, track, and record suspicious movement or activities. Other VCA abilities are all inclusive in this DVR, learn more here

February 16, 2015

LTS Customer Invitation to ISC West 2015

Finding the best products for SME projects such as towns, cities, schools, healthcare facilities, logistic ports, and commercial buildings, LTS has all the solutions available for you. LTS has exhibited consecutively for 3 years at ISC West and ISC East - we would like to cordially invite all our loyal customers and guests to visit us at ISC West. ISC West takes place on April 15-17 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, NV. We'll be showcasing all our latest new products and technology to provide you with end-to-end video solutions. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your sales and register online here.


February 9, 2015

LTS HD-TVI Version 6 Firmware Release

LTS releases V6 Firmware update for HD-TVI DVRs. Some key features include the latest technology updates like PT Cloud, 32 Channel support 32 TVI + 8 IP cameras, 4 Channel support 1 POS, 8/16 Channel support 4 POS, 24/32 Channel support 8 POS. For more information on this upgrade, visit downloads.

January 27, 2015

LTS Giving Back to the Community

LTS’ goal is to provide security solutions for any situation. However, we realize that sometimes surveillance systems can be expensive. We recognized that need over at River Oaks Patrol and wanted help. River Oaks Patrol is a private not-for-profit security patrol service located in Houston, TX since 1925.

LTS was able to provide them with a 4 Channel NVR and 4 Dome 3MP cameras. In addition to the surveillance system we also provided them with wiring and installation which was completed by Western Systems Inc.   

River Oaks Patrol was very appreciative of LTS’ NVR surveillance system. Operations Manager Mark McMahon said, “I wish I could emphasize how valuable this donated equipment will be for our neighborhood as a demonstration tool and I cannot express enough [of] my appreciation for [LTS].”

Mark has indicated that that the equipment will be used to train his investigative team so they can effectively pull data from other systems in the Houston area.  River Oaks Patrol, to date, has been successful in gathering data on burglary suspects which they then share on with local law enforcement officials.

Mark and his team have also been able to educate the community on the benefits of surveillance systems, which they reported an “impressive response from the community.” Surveillance systems are becoming more common in neighborhoods as they help reduce crime and lead to arrests. LTS was proud to help River Oaks Patrol from Houston and look forwarding to helping other organizations in the future. 


January 15, 2015

What were the most popular items for LTS in 2014?

LTS Top 3 Selling Items for 2015

City of Industry, California - The 2014 Holiday Season is over and once again consumers are still showing a strong demand for security products. The worldwide security system integration market is around $60 billion and North America market should see increases of 7 to 8 percent through 2018 according to research firm IHS. At LTS we offer a wide range of surveillance security products. Check out our top selling items for 2014.

#1 The CMIP3032-28 is an affordable high resolution 3MP camera. In addition to the high image quality many dealers and integrators receive feedback that the Matrix IR capability which has incredible night-time vision allowing for clearer image quality with no halo effect. For projects that have high demand for night vision capabilities, LTS dealers and integrators have stated this is great for open areas such as dark alleys, fields, or parking lots.

#2 The NVRs with Built in PoE are great since they are plug and play HD systems. Analog surveillance systems are becoming outdated and more projects are requiring HD capability. Dealers and integrators are beginning to understand the simplicity of installing these HD IP systems and more willing to spend a little more to gain the satisfaction of their customers.

#3 The HD-TVI DVRs introduce Tribrid capability combining Analog/TVI/IP cameras into one DVR. Dealers and integrators learned the flexibility of combining old analog cameras and upgrading to newer HD cameras into one system. Some projects may require less resolution in certain areas and HD in others. For any projects that require a PTZ, this DVR also allows adding a PTZ camera allowing the perfect end to end surveillance system. Check out our models.

When looking for surveillance solutions, LTS offers end to end video solutions for security professionals. To learn more about LTS products, click here.


 December 22, 2014

The Best High Definition Solutions in Security Surveillance for 2015

LTS Brings Your HD Surveillance Simplified and New Website Launch

Los Angeles, California - LTS Nationwide Roadshow 2014 was a huge success and only possible with the support of all our partners, and the strengths of LTS products and services. LTS roadshow team travelled to all 7 branch locations and hosted a half day seminar and workshop giving our partners the best high definition solutions in security surveillance. In 3 weeks, over 1,500 security installers and integrators attended LTS Nationwide Roadshow event. Event locations were held in Los Angeles, San Jose, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Maryland, and Houston.

LTS releases HD-TVI analog HD key selling advantages, price points, and how it’s a key impact in bringing High Definition to analog installers. LTS IP remains strong in its IP technology presence over the past few years and continues to grow with the industry 24% increase a year.

Security installers and integrators benefit with quality affordable high definition solutions, and new strategies to increase their sales in 2015.

LTS shares its company history and powerful presence in the U.S. with 7 complete branch locations and planned expansions for 2015. We pride ourselves with personalized experience and support.  LTS provided industry trends in surveillance and how the growing uptrend will continue to rise with IP and HD security becoming more popular and affordable.

To learn more about LTS and HD Surveillance Simplified, visit


December 15, 2014

LTS Launches New Website to Better Service its Partners

City of Industry, California - LT
success strives on the success of its partners and their ability to provide quality products on major projects around the World. This year, LTS launches its new website to provide better convenience and services.

With a full product line from accessories to the latest technology HD solutions in IP and HD-TVI, LTS offers over 1,000 products with custom pricing for partners. The new website offers the ability for our partners to register an account, sign in, view pricing, and generate quotes. This helps save time and also helps partners keep organized with their past orders with us. 

Stay tuned to learn more about our exciting new website it matures and can offer a whole new way to keep updated with LTS!


August 2, 2014

LTS Releases Covert Network Camera CMIP183

Industry- August 2, 2014. LTS is excited to introduce the most discreet Covert Network Camera: CMIP183 - a thumb-size 1.3MP HD IP Camera delivering both clarity and functionality in a small package.

Covert cameras typically offer less image quality and functions due to their limited sizes. The CMIP183, however, is able to keep both aspects while maintaining a discreet shell design.

With Region of Interest Encoding built into the software, critical areas can be captured with greater image details; allowing more detailed playback and captures for events of interest.  Up to 4 Region of Interest can be saved at one time per unit.  Non ROI image quality will be decreased to save bandwidth and storage space.

Another feature to take note of is the Smart Rotation View which converts horizontal view to vertical view to optimize surveillance for long hallways, narrow corridors, tunnels and aisles. Simply change the setting in Image Settings to Rotate Mode and instantly cover narrow spaces with less bandwidth waste.

The camera itself uses a 2.8mm Lens with an angle of view up to 73° which is capable to cover an extra wide area.  True 120dB WDR will provide crisp images against any kind of background lighting.  The video can be delivered by 3 individually configurable streams with a bit rate of 32kbps - 16Mbps; allowing optimized video stream speed and quality with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 960.

Built into the software is an alarm system with parameters built around motion detection, audio detection, face detection, dynamic analytics and tampering alarm to notify users of any and all interests in regards to the area of surveillance.  Notifications will be sent out when the unit experiences network disconnect, IP address conflict, storage exception and storage error.

Other features include on-board storage up to 64GB using MSD/SDX card (card not included); and 2 mounting brackets for different applications.

To learn more about this product, visit here.


June 14, 2014

LTS Releases New Features on CMD34xx

LTS Platinum series CMD34xx dome cameras boasts versatile new capabilities. 

City of Industry, California - LTS has released exciting new features for its CMD34xx cameras, part of the company's dome camera series. The dome surveillance cameras are equipped with high resolution, WDR, varifocal lens, Infrared LEDs, vandal-proof casing, an adjustable 3-axis design, water proof exterior with IP 66 technology, dual voltage output, and a built in junction box.

The night vision infrared rays record in dark settings at an average range of 100 feet. With up to 24 infrared LEDs on a camera, recording in the dark has never been so clear. 

The CMD34xx series protects not only its owner, but itself as well.  By employing strong material to comprise a durable exterior, the risk of unwanted tampering and vandalism is eradicated. The vandal proof housing gives users reassurance that their data will be safe from theft and damage.

A 3-axis design was implemented to allow adjustable angles to help optimize recording potential. This quality creates the ability to capture a wide array of vantage points, and lowers limitations on the monitoring range. The built-in junction box keeps cords out of sight and delivers storage space to hide cables.  This distinguishing feature allows the equipment to be unobtrusive, and creates a much cleaner look after set-up. 

The series includes a multitude of accessories for mounting, a pendant, wall, and in-ceiling mount are used to secure the camera to overhead flat surfaces, making it easy to install at any location.
The IP66 weatherproof standard offers weatherproof flexibility which makes this series adaptive to all environments.  The versatility of this camera series is so elite that it has an operating temperature range of 14°F-140°F.

These are only a few fascinating features that are included with the CMD34xx series. For more of the latest state-of-the-art surveillance innovations taking place at LTS, or specs on a particular item, visit the product page on the LTS website, or contact your local LTS sales team regarding inquiries.


April 24, 2014

LT Security Exhibits at the Electronic Security Expo 2014, Nashville, TN

ESX is the only major, national trade event purely focused on the needs of security installation, integration and monitoring teams. ESX offers invaluable content and connections, while focusing intensely on the growth and maintenance of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) — a key asset to all integration companies. LTS exhibits for the first time with great success. Exposed to focused installers and integrators and amongst the best in the industry. Learn more here.

Booth: #339
Location: Music City Center 201 5th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37203


March 3, 2014

LTS Exhibits at ISC West 2014 

ISC West is the security industry's premier launching exhibition for new products, solutions and technologies in the U.S. Each year, ISC West hosts over 900 international and domestic security product manufacture companies and over 26,000 security professionals. LTS brings you exciting new cutting edge technology and products this year with new Smart IP product line as well as new central management systems. Visit LTS booth this year for free information and hands on experience with new product lines. Want to learn more about ISC West? Learn more here.

Booth: #24099
Location: Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

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