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The Secu365 system is an IP based visual access control system that integrates an IP based single door controller, biometrics and RFID card reader. This is achieved by managing a central controller which provides Wi-Fi/ PoE communication, along with web access management. By adding a CCTV camera system all access events will have video records with all the main access points being monitored at one time. A cloud management option is offered to the system, which will let you easily access the system by mobile APP remotely.

Web Service

Secur365 is a full web-based and cloud business access management solution that supports all browsers to conveniently secure your business.

  • Quick access setup

    Simple two-step management of daily staff shifts and access rights.

  • Visualize monitoring

    Get real-time video for any access and emergency events.

  • Instant reports

    Easy and informative reporting lets you quickly recognize activity patterns and pin-point unexpected changes in your business.

  • Centralize management

    You can manage all of your access security activities from different locations.

Mobile Application

  • Remote unlock

  • Magic shake unlock

  • Push alert

    LA office: Tom clock and access at 9:00am Thursday, December 20.

    Instant Message

  • Real-time monitoring

Fully integrated highly Security
Identification Technology

  • Fingerprint standalone readers have been integrated for a complete cardless solution and quick access. The latest algorithm can adopt various fingerprints in an all day environment.

  • The fully IP based cameras can send all motion detection videos and access videos to the system to double confirm and secure the daily key areas.

  • RFID readers are compatible with EM card, Mifare card and HID card which can realize the touchless and safer identification.

How the Installation
is Easier

  • Quick Hardware Installation

    One PoE cable can provide power to the access controller and magnetic lock together, which saves up to 30% of installation time.

  • Cost and time saving

    We provide web based solution, where any PC can be used to manage the system. No need to invest any extra IT equipment.

  • Quick System Setup

    We provide the auto IP configuration function which can connect the central controller and edge terminal in several minutes to finalize the whole.

What’s in the Starter Kit

  • Central Controller

  • IP Controller

  • RJ45 Cables

  • Cards

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